January 28, 2022

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கோவிட் -19 | More cases but fewer deaths, the WHO says

(Geneva) The World Health Organization on Thursday revealed that 9.5 million COVID-19 cases were diagnosed worldwide, a weekly increase of 71% – equivalent to a “tsunami” as the new Omicron variant sweeps the planet. On the other hand, the number of recorded deaths is declining.

Jamie Keaton
Associated Press

“Last week we recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases since the outbreak,” said WHO Director-General Tetros Adanom Capreius. But the WHO is adamant that the figure is high because of delays in filming over the end of the year.

In its weekly epidemic report, the UN health agency said the weekly number was 9,520,488 new cases last week, but reported 41,178 deaths, up from 44,680 two weeks ago.

Omigron affects the lungs less

WHO officials have long pointed to a time lag between case and death records – changes in the number of deaths are often two weeks later than changes in the number of cases. But for a number of reasons, the WHO noted that Omigron did not appear to be as dangerous as its predecessor delta variant, including increased vaccination rates in some areas and indications that ‘Omigron is more likely to affect the nose and throat. Lung. Any increase in hospital admissions or deaths following a recent increase in the number of patients is not expected to manifest for about two weeks, it is pointed out.

Although Omigran appears to be less severe than Delta, the WHO director warns against overdosing, especially on vaccinated individuals. “Like previous genres, Omicron hospitalizes people and kills people,” Tetros Adanom Caprese recalled during a news conference. In fact, the tsunami of cases is so large and rapid that it is sinking health systems around the world. ”

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The WHO added that the increase in the number of cases last week was different in terms of the region of the world: the number had doubled in the US region, but only 7% in Africa.

There will be other types as well

Dr. Michael Ryan, director of the WHO’s Emergency Management Program, has warned of “preferred thinking” that Omigron may be the latest variant of the epidemic. “There is still a lot of energy in this virus,” he warned Thursday.

Maria van Kerkov, WHO Technology Manager at COVID-19, says, “The last variant we’ve talked about is Omigron.”

WHO officials called on the public to step up efforts to combat the disease, such as vaccinating, ventilating rooms, maintaining proper spacing and wearing masks.

I was fascinated by the way people wore masks. Wearing a mask under the cheek is useless! It gives you a false sense of security.

Maria van Kerkov, WHO Technical Officer at Govt-19

Separately, Dr. Ryan’s work with the International Olympic Committee and the WHO – which is scheduled to host the 2022 Winter Games – led the organizers to “believe” that the measures implemented were “very serious and very strong.” “.

“At this point, we do not see a high risk of disease transmission in this environment,” Dr. Ryan said.