June 19, 2024

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2020: Q

2020: Q

On this Wednesday morning, I explained that no subject represents 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic. Kelvinator disagrees. I quote his contribution in full on the theme of this blog’s second fundraising campaign in 2023:

“The best thing about 2020 for me can be summed up in one letter: Q. Or, in its other longer form: WWG1WGA. The QAnon movement existed before, but the epidemic and conspiracy plots laid by Trump and the Republicans really inspired the group, which exported its likes across France.

“This is the height of Holocaust denial and conspiracy, where even the appearance of truth doesn’t matter. One can make apocalyptic predictions, and double the intensity of one’s rhetoric when the declared promise doesn’t come true! Like doomsday cults, they are wrong time and time again, but their followers are always more motivated and radical in their view of the world. .

“I’m definitely biased, because conspiracy has always interested me. After all, this is a kind of export of a very serious and violent American conspiracy, which has nothing to do with 9/11, the assassination of JFK or the NASA moon landing. »

And with that, I’d like to thank everyone who has already contributed to the fundraising campaign for this blog celebrating the 1stR Last May was his fifth birthday. And I encourage anyone who thinks he might be a survivor to take action in the next few hours!


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