May 28, 2024

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‘3 Body Issue’ has been renewed for a second season on Netflix

‘3 Body Issue’ has been renewed for a second season on Netflix

Netflix will bring back — and even conclude — 3 Body problem.

The streamer has additional episodes greenlit that will finally conclude the acclaimed sci-fi saga from creators David Benioff, Dan Weiss, and Alexander Wu.

The series’ creators said in a statement: “We are pleased to be able to tell this story until its epic conclusion.” “Ever since we read the last page of Cixin Liu’s brilliant trilogy, we’ve been hoping that we can take the audience with us to the end of the universe. Here we are!”

However, there is no information yet on how many seasons or episodes the arrangement will require. The series’ creators had previously hoped for four seasons to adapt the three books in Liu’s trilogy.

In addition, game of thrones Creators Benioff and Weiss have renewed their overall deal with the broadcaster to write, produce and direct new series and films. In addition to continuing 3 Body problemThey are currently working on the recently announced series Death by lightning. The original 2019 total deal was worth at least $200 million. Woo also has a package deal in the streaming device.

Peter Friedlander, Vice President of Scripted Series at Netflix, added: “Extraordinary 3 Body problem, brought to life in the deft hands of Benioff, Weiss, and Woo, will soar to never-before-seen heights as they follow the rest of the incredible journey through Death’s End. Their incredible vision as storytellers is matched by their amazing partnership – and just like the fans, we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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The decision follows a period of anticipation following the start of the big-ticket drama’s first season in May. After a somewhat mediocre first week, the series proved to be a success, topping Netflix’s TV charts for three weeks and spending seven weeks in the global top 10 on Netflix. 3 Body problem Initially, the film attracted some mixed reviews, and its critic and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes gradually rose to 80 percent and 78 percent, respectively.

The show is said to be one of the most expensive shows in Netflix’s history, costing more than $20 million per episode, and that’s not including the cost of acquiring the TV rights to Liu Cixin’s novels and subsequent marketing.

Producers said they are working on a second season as if a renewal is imminent and are hoping to break ground when they get the green light.

Benioff said earlier Hollywood Reporter For the cover story for Season 2 3 Body problem It will be better than the first: “Liu Cixin has created this indelible trilogy and the books have become even better for me. The second book is much better than the first, and the third book completely blew me away. The story becomes more ambitious as it goes on, and takes a huge leap in the second book. So I feel That if we survive a second season, we’ll be in a good place.