October 4, 2023

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A fisherman who went missing in Malaysia was found in the stomach of a crocodile

A 60-year-old fisherman who went missing on his way to his boat early Wednesday in Dawau, Malaysia, was found in the stomach of a four-meter-long crocodile.

“According to reports, the victim was eaten by a crocodile while on his boat on July 19 around 4am,” a spokesman for the Sabah Fire and Rescue Department in Malaysia was quoted as saying by local media outlet New Straits Times on Sunday.

On the fourth day of an intensive search to find Adi Bangsa, a 60-year-old fisherman, authorities have crossed the tracks of a 4.29-metre and 800-kilogram crocodile, which they suspect is behind the sex worker’s disappearance, The Straits Times reported.

According to a graphic video on social media, they allegedly butchered the massive reptile, dismembering the victim before finding pieces, including its arms and legs.

“The victim has been identified by family members and the body has been handed over to the police for further investigation,” the spokesman said, according to local media.

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