May 19, 2024

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A French minister comes out first

A French minister comes out first

A French government minister has become the first female minister to “come out” by discussing her homosexuality in an interview.

Asked by Forbes about the criticism she receives on social networks, Sarah El Harey, the youngest minister in the government, spoke about her partner, “Le Parisien” reported on Saturday.

“I try not to study, because I know Twitter is not real life. But when my family or my partner is affected, yes, it hurts me. But I chose this public action,” he quickly noted.

A European newspaper reported that it was the first time a woman in the French government had come out about her homosexuality.

Another minister has spoken out about his sexual orientation in an interview when he was the bearer of controversial pension reform, saying it was “not a secret or a matter” for him.

Mrs. El Heiri clarified on Twitter that while she is the first minister to “come out” in France, she is not the first female politician.

According to Paris police headquarters, the number of complaints filed regarding homophobic and transphobic acts will increase by 55% in 2022.

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