April 24, 2024

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A frustrated Lizzo says she has quit

A frustrated Lizzo says she has quit

Grammy Award-winning artist Lizzo, who faces allegations of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, defamation and a number of other crimes in a lawsuit filed last year, says she is leaving the music industry.

The singer, known for her upbeat anthems, posted on Instagram on Friday to express her regret for her feelings, appearing to address the recent backlash, despite previously denying all of the accusations against her.

“I was tired of putting up with dragging everyone in my life and on the internet. All I wanted to do was make music, make people happy, and help the world be a little better than I found it,” she wrote. “But I was starting to feel like the world didn’t want me in it.

“I always oppose the lies that are told about me because of my influence and my views… I am the butt of the joke every time because of my appearance… My character is chosen by people who do not know me and do not respect my name,” she added.

“I did not sign up for this, I resigned,” she wrote.

The post comes one day after the singer performed at a fundraiser for Joe Biden's presidential campaign at Radio City Music Hall. The event, which also included a discussion with Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, was expected to raise a whopping $25 million.

Despite the presence of the giants of American politics, it was Lizzo's appearance that angered some.

Ron Zambrano, the attorney for a group of dancers who accused the singer of sexual harassment in a lawsuit filed last August, said Thursday: Newsnation that the decision to let Lizzo headline was “shameful.”

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“Without getting into politics, I can't imagine why anyone would want Lizzo to represent them in any way given her reprehensible behavior,” he said. “It's just a terrible look.”

In February, a Los Angeles County judge refused to dismiss the lawsuit against the singer.

Lizzo's post received a number of supportive responses for the 35-year-old, including Paris Hilton, who urged: “We love you queen 😍👑.”