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A Godzilla x Kong sequel is likely amid the MonsterVerse's box office boom

A Godzilla x Kong sequel is likely amid the MonsterVerse's box office boom

Jaws dropped at Legendary and Warner Bros Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire opened to $80 million in North America over the Easter weekend despite being shredded by critics. That wasn't double what the tracking services expected, but close enough. By the 10th day, its total global revenue had reached $361.1 million, where it remained at the top of the chart.

what is next? “It's definitely an exciting result,” says Mary Barnett, head of global production for Josh Grodd's “Legendary.” Grode has had an enviable winning streak, between this film and the blockbuster in early March Sand Dunes: Part Two. “We are well positioned to continue the journey, but let's see how Godzilla x Kong “Unfold,” says the parent. “It's early days, but we're definitely feeling good.”

Godzilla × Kong It's sure to be a hot topic this week at Cinemacon, the annual gathering of movie theater operators and Hollywood studios in Las Vegas.

While critics mostly derided the film, general audiences — and families — embraced director Adam Wingard's vision of what would happen if Godzilla and Kong joined forces and stopped the destruction of the planet, a reversal of his 2021 film. Godzilla vs. KongWhich witnessed the two battles.

Wingard spoke with THR In mid-March, he announced the possibility of producing a third film. “There's always a temptation to make a trilogy out of it, and I think there are some untapped areas to delve into,” Wingard said. “There are also ways to continue to innovate the stylized approach in the MonsterVerse, and the great thing about the MonsterVerse is that it allowed so many different directors to approach it with their own unique style and color palette.”

The film's domestic release marks the second-biggest opening of the five films at Legendary and Warner Bros. Pictures. The MonsterVerse series, which debuted in 2014 with Godzilla. Any studio would do their best for that kind of boom at a time when franchise fatigue is rampant. Just a week ago, Ghostbusters: The Frozen Empire It opened to $45 million, which is just $1 million before 2021 Ghostbusters: AfterlifeWhich faced challenges due to the pandemic. Godzilla vs. KongReleased day-and-date on HBO Max amid the pandemic, it opened with $48.5 million over five days, which was considered a strong start considering.

Godzilla x Kong It is widely expected to become the highest-grossing film in the franchise domestically (the current record holder is Godzilla In the amount of 200.6 million dollars). Box office insiders believe the new picture will gross $230 million domestically and north of $500 million globally, but it remains to be seen if it can set a new MonsterVerse record and surpass the $568 million gross by 2017. Kong: Skull Island.

“Obviously I won't make that decision until we see how New Empire “It's doing at the box office, but I would definitely have some interest in doing another one of these,” Wingard said. THR Last month. “There is a way to keep innovating, and as a director, it will be exciting because I will take a different approach next time. But regardless of that, yes, there is a lot of potential, and hopefully there will be demand.”

The film – starring Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry and Dan Stevens – succeeded in attracting core fans and attracting new, younger generations. Attendance was widespread throughout every part of the day, and families showed up in larger numbers this time, says Jeff Goldstein, president of Warner Bros. domestic production. “It's unusual for a fourth or fifth-generation movie to do this kind of thing. In the past, Godzilla has attracted a more general audience. This was an amazing movie, an amazing marketing campaign, and an amazing history,” Goldstein says.

“Everyone made this movie out of love,” Barnett adds. “We spent less on this movie than on any other movie.”

This is another interesting piece of information, considering that production costs usually go up, not down. New Empire At a net cost of $135 million, compared to north of $150-175 million net for the other installments.

Hollywood's newest Godzilla franchise is also growing overseas. The MonsterVerse has always performed well in Latin America and Asia, where Godzilla x Kong It earned north of $92 million in China. (The mythical East takes over the film in the Middle Kingdom.)

Warners and Legendary got early Easter gifts of sorts Ghostbusters: The Frozen Empire I decided to jump on Easter and moved its release date up by one week from March 29th to March 22nd. New Empire She quickly changed course and went to Easter weekend, where she had no trouble finding more eggs than expected. “I think these characters have permeated the culture,” Barnett says.

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