April 24, 2024

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A president in the White House, and we're almost there

A president in the White House, and we're almost there

The vice president is said to be a threat “a heartbeat away from the presidency”. The White House, barring a dramatic upheaval, will be occupied by one more person next year. But in the age of candidates, “Madam President”, it is only a matter of time.

Welcome to the third decade of the third millennium, when candidates now have a woman as their partner. Donald Trump is still waiting, but at home, too, the signals point in this direction.

Already in 2020, a woman has endorsed Joe Biden for Vice President. Last week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the only minor candidate who could make a difference next November, confirmed that a woman will accompany him in his difficult presidential campaign.

A result under the microscope

From one presidential election to another, choosing a running mate reveals a presidential candidate's priorities, the weaknesses he wants to fill, and often the voters he wants to court.

Barack Obama, a young senator from Illinois, sought to silence criticism in 2008 of his lack of experience, particularly in matters of international politics. Joe Biden, a longtime member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, became a top running mate.

In 2016, Donald Trump—twice divorced, thrice married and new to radical politics—had to affirm his conservative beliefs to evangelical voters. Mike Pence, the devout and humble former governor of Indiana, proved the best guarantor.

For his part, Joe Biden, along with Kamala Harris in 2020, has reinvigorated female voters and signaled “in color” that his presidency is going to have their interests at heart.

Youth and Money by RFK JR

Robert F. Kennedy Junior – as we said last week – is unlikely to win the presidential election. Still, he seems to have enough support to sabotage Biden's campaign and sneak away to a Trump victory.

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His running mate made a surprise appearance on Tuesday in Oakland, California. Nicole Shanahan has already lived that cookie-cutter life at 38 years old. Born to a Chinese mother and raised in poverty, he became a lawyer and high-tech entrepreneur.

He can address the most disadvantaged, women, immigrants, young voters, and Republican septuagenarians and Democratic octogenarians who are discouraged with one voice. The ex-wife of Google's co-founder, she's rich and generous, which doesn't hurt RFK J's campaign.R.

Trump and job appearances

Donald Trump, always fond of being affable, still allows potential running mates to stand out. However, names such as Christy Nome, the governor of South Dakota, are being pushed more and more.

She's from the Midwest, good enough to please her MAGA base, and a mother, which will soften her image among all-important suburban voters. Finally, a woman with executive experience and charisma, the basic criteria for a Republican candidate, is known to prefer women who “dress like women.”

It would be a small revolution in America if the two main candidates for the presidency, and a potential third, campaigned with a woman as their vice presidential candidate. We're not quite at “Madam President” yet, but we're getting close.

Women at the gates of the Presidency

Kamala Harris

Photo by AFP

  • 59 years old
  • Vice President from January 2021
  • Senator from California (2017-2021)
  • Indian mother and father of Jamaican origin
  • He completed his secondary education in Westmount High School.
Nicole Shanahan


Photo by AFP

  • 38 years old
  • Lawyer, technologist and philanthropist
  • From a Chinese mother
  • Ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin
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Photo by MEGA/WENN

  • 52 years
  • Governor of South Dakota since January 2019
  • A staunch conservative, he pledged to maintain a 100% anti-abortion voting record.