May 25, 2024

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A progression glitch in Fornite prevents players from getting additional rewards

A progression glitch in Fornite prevents players from getting additional rewards
Daniel Appleford

There is a progression glitch in Fortnite that prevents players from redeeming rewards from the additional Battle Pass and players are wondering how this happened.

As a way to encourage players to continue playing even after the Battle Pass expires, Fortnite has implemented “Bonus” Battle Pass rewards.

Each bonus page adds something new to the characters from the main battle pass. As the pages progress, the complexities of the skins themselves also increase.

However, due to a recently discovered bug, players will not be able to advance any of the bonuses within the bonus passes. This is due to the game apparently Week 0-3 questions do not count.

“Currently, it is not possible to get the first page of bonus quests for people who have already done Week 0 – Week 3 quests as progress is not tracked until bonus quest rewards are activated. This same issue occurs with page 2 and page 3 unless Epic is running Games need to fix the issue before release.”

When it was revealed that the rewards would be unobtainable, those in the comments began pointing out the issues that Chapter 5 of Season 2 had.

“I've noticed that this entire season has been nothing but a disaster…from waiting almost a day to not being able to get these things right now. To the bad experience we've had this season that doesn't get us to full level. It's sad.” truly.” said one user.

Others agreed, with some confused as to how such small issues could occur. Some commenters even wondered if Epic Games had tested these features before releasing them.

Fortnite has not addressed issues with leveling up or obtaining additional rewards. This means that players will have to do without it for the foreseeable future or until the next update.

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