February 28, 2024

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A vote to oust Jorge Santos?

A vote to oust Jorge Santos?

In certain circumstances, the House of Representatives allows one of its members to move a privilege motion for the purpose of holding a vote on any resolution. California Democrat Rep. Robert Garcia used the congressional tool Tuesday to force a vote on a resolution to expel New York Republican Rep. George Santos, who was recently indicted on Long Island for various crimes including wire fraud and money laundering. This maneuver puts Republicans in a delicate situation.

Under the rules, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has 48 hours to decide how to proceed with the case. According to the website politics, He has three options: postpone the vote on the resolution until later; Voting on Resolution; Refer the case to the House Ethics Committee.

A simple majority vote is required for the first choice. If there is no majority in favor of postponing the vote indefinitely, the vote on the resolution must be held by Thursday. A second choice requires a two-thirds majority vote. The third choice goes to McCarthy, who can cite precedent on the matter and wait for the Ethics Commission’s decisions to move to a vote on the resolution.

The situation is delicate for Republicans, as many of them have demanded the resignation of Santos, knowing that the latter has no intention of defending his seat. However, are they willing to lose precious space by ousting Santos, an elected official who only inspires them with contempt?

“Republicans need to speak up,” said Rep. Roberto Garcia, Democrat of California. “There will be a referendum. As for the nature of the referendum, it will be up to the Republican Party leadership to decide. »

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