April 17, 2024

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'Absolutely insane': US cities hit by wave of wild grass balls

'Absolutely insane': US cities hit by wave of wild grass balls

Cities in Utah are said to be facing a major problem, as thousands of wild grass balls — like those in the American West — have invaded the city, blocking roads and burying vehicles.

“We've had a few tornadoes before, but nothing like this. It's absolutely crazy!” local resident John Young told KSL TV, according to The Guardian on Monday.

A weekend storm blew thousands of wild grasses known as “tumbleweeds” into South Jordan, Utah, creating piles more than ten feet high in some places.

On social networks, impressive images showed the extent of the damage caused by its harmless grass balls, which piled up to block roads, entrance doors or bury vehicles.

Residents were busy shoveling excess, or using their vehicles to try to clear a path.

British media reported similar sightings further south, at Eagle Mountain.

The problem with these invasive weeds is that after the plant dies, its gnarled parts are carried by the wind and are made up of sharp spines that make it difficult to move without injury.

“Fortunately, it's something we can handle. It's not our first tumble-Macedhon,” said Rachel Van Cleave, communications manager for South Jordan, referring to the apocalyptic film Armageddon, according to British media.

This isn't the first time weeds have paralyzed a city: In 2020, drivers were reportedly stuck in a 15-foot pile on a Washington highway, while an entire city had to shut its doors. Custodian according to California's actions in 2018.

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