May 18, 2024

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Adobe's new Firefly template makes it easier to use Photoshop AI tools

Adobe's new Firefly template makes it easier to use Photoshop AI tools

Adobe is adding some new creative AI tools to its Photoshop creative software that aims to give users additional ways to control the designs they create. Powered by Adobe's new Firefly Image 3 foundation model, these new tools are available today via the Photoshop beta desktop app, and will be generally available “later this year,” according to Adobe's press release.

The most popular tool is the Reference Image, which uses user-uploaded images to inspire Adobe's AI-generated output, matching items similar in style and color. For example, instead of repeatedly editing an instant description like “vintage blue truck with flower stickers,” users can instead provide a reference image that Photoshop will use as a guide.

“It's painful to be asked,” said Eli Greenfield, chief technology officer for digital media at Adobe. the edge. “Why spend an hour trying to formulate a three-paragraph claim if you have an image you created that is exactly the thing you want to refer to? The saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ applies here.”

The uploaded reference image drives the AI-generated results in Photoshop, preventing users from making frequent adjustments to text prompts.
Image: Adobe

Users are expected to have the rights to use the images they want to reference. Greenfield said edge That the message will state these ownership requirements when using the tool for the first time, and that the company is working on a global “do not practice” flag for Adobe's Content Authentication Initiative that will also prohibit the use of images for reference. Uploaded images will not be used as reference material for Firefly training. Despite the ownership responsibility placed on users, Adobe says this new reference tool is still “Safe for commercial use“- One of the biggest advantages Adobe claims Firefly has over competing generative AI models.

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Additional additional AI tools available in the Photoshop beta include Background Creation, which replaces and creates new background images for things like product photography, and Detail Enhancement, which increases sharpness and makes images appear sharper.

Adobe is pitching background creation as a tool to quickly add variety to product photography without having to reshoot.
Image: Adobe

There's also a Generate Same option, which uses one of three images generated by Photoshop's Firefly tools as a reference to produce similar-looking content, while Generate Image lets users start with a blank page to create a full image from a text description for the first time. time.

Firefly Tools outputs three created results to choose from in Photoshop – if there's a result you'd like to see similar versions of, creating a similar version will do just that.
Image: Adobe

Adobe's third-generation Firefly model, which has higher-quality image creation capabilities than its predecessor, is also available in global public beta For anyone to try Outside of Photoshop via the Firefly web app. Adobe says its latest Firefly model delivers “never-before-seen photorealistic image quality with better lighting, positioning, and attention to detail.” Firefly Image 3 is better able than the previous Firefly model to understand long, descriptive text prompts, and can produce clearer text in the images it creates.

Instead of masking or other labor-intensive workflows, users can quickly change things like color using the new adjustment brush.
Image: Adobe

Beyond generative AI, Adobe is also adding some new standard tools to Photoshop that can speed up creative processes. This includes the adjustment brush that allows Photoshop users to make non-destructive changes, such as color adjustments, to specific sections of the image. There are also new presets that can quickly change an image with filters, and an improved font browser that gives users real-time access to over 25,000 fonts in the Adobe cloud without leaving the Photoshop app.

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