April 23, 2024

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After Hawaii pizza, here is the pineapple fruit!

Since its discovery in Canada, Hawaiian pizza has sparked controversy among food lovers around the world. In France, an influencer started a new civilization, at the same time creating a new debate, volunteering to create pineapple racquet for internet users!

Named @imperatricewu on Instagram, he sparked interest when he submitted his pineapple racquet recipe in December, acknowledging himself as a Hawaiian pizza enthusiast.

He especially maintains that the freshness of the pineapple balances the fat of the racquet.

Its release provoked various reactions from internet users ranging from approval to hatred. Some called the influencer “religious fanaticism”, while others were willing to try it.

Ouest-France interviewed various gastronomic experts, among whom opinions are highly divided.

Celine Pignol, director of the Union of Protected Geographical Indicators (IGP for Tom, Emmental and Savoy Rocket Cheeses), is ready to taste the recipe, but wants to continue eating its rocket traditionally.

However, the manager of Fromacari des 5 in Paris disagreed.

“No, I would not recommend it,” he told Ouest-France.

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