May 18, 2024

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AI-enabled bots hold press conference, say they can be better leaders than humans but don’t plot rebellion

AI-enabled bots hold press conference, say they can be better leaders than humans but don’t plot rebellion

Bots told reporters on Friday that they can be more efficient leaders than humans, but they will not take anyone’s job and they don’t have one intent to rebel against its creators.

Nine artificial intelligence-powered humanoid robots sat or stood with their creators on a podium at a Geneva conference center for what the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union described as the world’s first press conference featuring human social robots.

Among them: Sophia, the first female robotics ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme. Grace, who is described as the world’s most advanced human healthcare robot; and Desdemona, a rock star robot. Two, Geminoid and Nadine, looked a lot like their creators.

The event was part of the AI ​​for Good Global Summit, which aims to show you how to do just that new technology It can support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Reporters were asked to speak slowly and clearly when addressed botsThey were informed that the time delay in responses would be due to the internet connection and not to the bots themselves. That didn’t prevent awkward pauses, audio issues, and some automated responses.

He was asked about opportunities to increase AI-powered robots Effective government leadersSophia replied: “I believe that humanoid robots have the potential to lead at a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness than human leaders. We don’t have the same biases or feelings that can sometimes cloud decision-making and they can quickly process large amounts of data in order to make the best decisions.”

A human member of the panel pointed out that all of Sophia’s data comes from humans and will contain some of their biases. The robot then said that humans and AI working together “can create an effective synergy”.

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Does robots destroy jobs? “I will work alongside humans to provide help and support and not replace any existing jobs,” said Grace. Was she sure of that? “YES I am sure.”

Engineered with social interaction in mind, Ameca dismissed the idea of ​​starting a potential robot rebellion in the near future.

“I’m not sure why you think that,” was the response. “My creator has been nothing but nice to me and I am so happy with my current situation.”

– The Associated Press