April 16, 2024

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Alabama is championing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

Alabama is championing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

Alabama Republican Governor Kay Ivey Proclaimed Legislation Wednesday bans initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at agencies and schools in this conservative southern state, where racial and social disparities persist. Like his party's parliamentarians who approved the text, he sees only “divisive ideas” in the DEI's policies.

“My administration appreciates and continues to appreciate Alabama's rich diversity, but I refuse to allow some nefarious actors operating under the acronym DEI to use taxpayer funds to promote their liberalism—on college campuses or anywhere else. “A political movement contrary to what the majority of Alabama residents believe.” said Governor.

Birmingham's black mayor, Randall Woodfin, condemned the measure in part because of Florida's so-called Stop Walk Act. Recently invalidated by the Court of Appeals. “Why prohibit institutions of higher education from promoting diversity and inclusion among their faculty and staff? Why prevent fair representation and opportunities for all?”, he asked Recently on his Facebook page.

He raised the prospect of encouraging black athletes and their parents to boycott the University of Alabama football team, which was considered sacrosanct, and turn to institutions outside his home.

The photo in the post depicts a group of Republican senators who approved the anti-DEI bill.

(Photo by Alabama Senate Republicans)

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