June 2, 2023

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Amazon Echo Pop announced with funky design and revamped earbuds

  • Amazon announced the new Echos and the third generation of its Echo Buds.
  • It unveiled the Echo Pop, which features a new hemispherical design with a front-facing speaker and costs $39.99.

Amazon announced the Echo Pop, which has a near-spherical design and front-facing speaker.


On Wednesday, Amazon announced two new Echo smart speakers, one with a funky, semi-spherical design, and a new version of the Echo Buds.

The company introduced the Echo Pop, which features a new hemisphere-like form factor, front-facing speaker, and built-in Eero, expanding Wi-Fi coverage for users. The Echo Pop will cost $39.99, making it cheaper than many of Amazon’s current Echo devices.

Amazon also introduced a revamped 5-inch smart Echo Show that features an all-new speaker system with deeper bass, and the company’s AZ2 neural processor, making it faster than its predecessor. The new Echo Show 5 costs $89.99.

The company has also released a new version of the wireless Echo Buds, which will cost $49.99. In a departure from previous Echo Buds, the headphones are not entirely in-ear and have a short stem. They look like Apple’s AirPods.

Amazon introduced a version of the third generation of its Echo Buds headphones.


Amazon has steadily added to its lineup of Echo devices since it launched its first smart speakers in 2014. The product quickly became a household sensation, and helped launch the voice-activated smart speaker market. Amazon launched very cheaply priced devices with the aim of promoting its other products and services, such as Prime subscriptions.

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