May 21, 2024

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An attack on Iran soon? | The Journal of Montreal

An attack on Iran soon?  |  The Journal of Montreal

Joe Biden reiterated today that he believes in a diplomatic solution with Iran. Is he trying to give Iran one last chance or does he really believe this nonsense?

To get the bomb, you need 85% saturation. The Iranians passed the 70% saturation threshold several months ago. They built new centrifuges. They disconnected the cameras monitoring the uranium enrichment activities. They perfected their missiles.

But, following the myth of diplomacy, the Iranians do not want to develop nuclear weapons.

They don’t notice that if Ukraine had nukes it probably wouldn’t have been attacked.

They fail to see that North Korea can directly threaten the United States with a nuclear arsenal.

They do not understand that a possible new deal with the US would require the approval of the US Congress and given the rise of the Republicans, such a deal is unlikely.

Prepare the opinion

Biden appears to want to prepare the public for a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

He also gives a sense of excuse-making for the first deal with the Iranians, which was torn up by Donald Trump.

Because the 2015 deal was too weak. At most it might have slowed down the Iranian nuclear arms race.


Negotiations for the treaty were led by Biden while he was vice president.

Biden is right that Trump made a big mistake in rejecting the deal. But the first mistake was to believe that the deal would prevent the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons. At most, the deal would have delayed its development.

Asked today about using military means against Iran, Biden said it was possible. America’s patience is limitless, he said.

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In short, it’s hard to see how a military strike against Iran could be averted, barring a last-minute deal.