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Apple confirms that an iPhone upgrade with two key new features will be available within days

Apple confirms that an iPhone upgrade with two key new features will be available within days

The next beta version of iPhone software, iOS 18, is coming soon: Monday, June 24, to be exact. Unusually, we have this release schedule from Apple itself, which was contained in a statement that also spoke to Apple Intelligence – and how it won’t be released in the EU this year. The story has spread in the past few days, and you can read the details of Apple’s confirmation of it here. Now new information has emerged about iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence.

Updated on June 13 with new details about the delay in the Apple Intelligence release.

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While it will be available for testing as a beta this summer in the US, for example, it will come later in some places, such as the European Union, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest report. Authority on the newsletter. Gorman notes that Apple will block Apple Intelligence in the EU — “along with iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay Screen Sharing — because it fears running afoul of new regulations.” The debate is over the Digital Markets Act, a law aimed at reining in big tech companies that has come into effect. Implementation this year.

Apple cited interoperability requirements, and for now EU users will miss out on iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay Screen Sharing – discussed below. Gorman asks how consumers will react. “Will European customers pressure regulators if they’re upset about not having the new features? And with Apple already making other changes to accommodate the new law, most notably in its App Store, this could be a worrying year for its relationship with European regulators. Back to Software release schedule.

Apple never provides that kind of detail as a release date, though the timing, two weeks after the first beta, is not surprising and fits with the usual cadence of beta releases at this point. Here’s what’s coming.

This statement was made by Apple the edge on Friday, June 21, as part of an explanation of why Apple Intelligence was delayed in the EU due to the recent Digital Markets Law.

Apple said again that Apple Intelligence will be available for beta testing in the summer, for users who use US English as their language, and with an EU warning. But Monday’s update will contain two main features.

iPhone mirroring

This is so cool that if your iPhone is in your bag, you can still use it on your Mac, for example, and interact with it as easily as if it were in your hand. Notifications from your iPhone appear on your Mac, and when you click one, your iPhone appears on your Mac screen.

You can then control it using the keyboard or trackpad on your Mac, swiping between home screens or interacting with apps. You’ll be able to drag and drop files between devices, though that will come later.

SharePlay screen sharing

This is also very interesting. It’s already in iPadOS 17 but it’s getting an upgrade. In the new version of iPadOS 18, you will be able to draw on the iPad screen and what you draw will appear on your friend’s device. This is convenient for iPhone because you can draw on its iPhone screen as well as on iPad. What’s even cooler is that you can ask for permission to control their devices remotely. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time, especially to help out friends or family members who aren’t quite sure how to do something on their Apple devices.

Apple Intelligence won’t be coming on Monday, but it will be with us in the summer, and the public beta for new OS versions will likely be released in July.

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