March 1, 2024

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Apple may soon bring more ads to your iPhone

Apple may soon bring more ads to your iPhone

Apple could eventually serve ads to more pre-installed apps on your iPhone and other Apple devices, including Maps, Books, and Podcasts. according to report from BloombergMark GormanApple has tested search ads internally in Maps, which can show recommendations when you search for nearby restaurants, stores, or other businesses.

Apple already implements a similar advertising model on the App Store, where developers can pay to promote their app on a search page for a specific query, such as “Puzzle Games” or “Photo Editor”. As Gurman noted, ads on Maps can work in the same way, paying companies to appear at the top of search results when users enter certain search terms.

Gurman believes Apple could serve ads to its native Podcasts and Books apps as well. This may allow publishers to place ads in areas within each app, or pay to get their content higher in search results. Just like Maps, podcasts and books are currently ad-free.

And while the App Store already has ads in the Search tab, Gorman expects Apple to expand the ads to the Today tab and app download pages, which Tracks with previous reports from 9to5MacAnd the Apple InsiderAnd the Mac rumors. according to 9to5GoogleAds on the Today tab will appear as larger cards with the word “Ad” under the name of the app, while ads on individual app pages will appear blue in the “You may also like” section.

Gurman mentions the ability to advertise on Apple TV Plus as well, and says the company could choose to create a lower-price, ad-supported tier, something both Netflix And the Disney Plus Plan to do by the end of this year. Right now, Apple TV Plus offers an ad-free subscription plan of just $4.99 per month (although it started showing ads during a while. Friday Night Baseball Live Streaming).

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Apple first introduced ads on the App Store in 2016, and it also shows apps on stock and news apps. Last September, the company He started asking users if they wanted to enable personalized ads that appear on these applications, consistent with Its Application Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy who – which Social platforms cost billions of dollars.

ATT gives users the option to opt out of the trackers that advertisers use to display targeted ads. It may have contributed to the overall growth of Apple’s advertising sector, as it left Companies are scrambling to reconsider their advertising strategies. According to the data that from the inside Obtained from Omdia Research CorporationApple’s advertising business grew 238 percent to $3.7 billion in 2021.

Apple’s move to open more ad slots in its App Store – and possibly on Maps, podcasts and books – may indicate that Apple is looking to expand its advertising business further. In May, a report from from the inside It was revealed that Eddie Q, Apple’s senior vice president of services, is It is said that he plans to restructure Apple’s services business To pay more attention to live broadcasting and advertising. Apple’s services arm, which includes advertising and various subscriptions, saw a 12% increase in revenue in the last quarter.