April 24, 2024

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Apple Watch study reveals which states are practicing the most

Apple Watch study reveals which states are practicing the most

In celebration of Heart Month Study of the apple's heart and movement It released updated trends in Activity and Cardio Fitness, including conditions that meet — or don't — the recommended moderate exercise limit of 150 minutes per week. Head below the jump to learn more.

the Study of the apple's heart and movement It is a collaboration between the American Heart Association and Brigham and Women's Hospital of Harvard Medical School Explores communication Between physical activity and heart health using Apple products:

This will help give insight into factors that can affect heart health and affect your movement over time. Using Apple Watch and iPhone, researchers can better understand potential early warning signs to create interventions and products that will help us all live longer, healthier, more active lives.

According to American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines, people should do 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, or a combination of both, plus two days of muscle-strengthening activities.

For both researchers and individuals, defining what “moderate” and “strict” mean can be a challenge, but they found the following when making the decision: What constitutes Moderate exercise:

  • It causes a slight increase in breathing or heart rate
  • You are allowed to talk but not sing during the activity
  • It is associated with a heart rate between 64-76% of the maximum heart rate
  • It results in an effort rating of 12 to 14 on a scale of 6 to 205 (Borg scale)

To find out the average duration of activity in study participants, researchers used the following:

…the minutes of exercise meter in the Apple Watch Activity app, represented by the green ring. Exercise minutes accumulate over the course of the day when wearing Apple Watch, and include passively captured brisk activity minutes detected by the watch and activity data logged by participants and collected using the Workout app or third-party apps.

All study participants who had at least six weeks of active days over a 12-month period were analysed, providing a total of 92,793 individuals from across the country.

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Image via Brigham and Women's Hospital

Based on the study, the top three states where people average 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week are Massachusetts (67.2%), New York (66%), and Connecticut (64.1%); The bottom three states are Oklahoma (41.4%), Lousiana (41.3%), and Mississippi (38.5%).

There are many reasons for these discrepancies, including living in a walkable city versus a rural area, access to the outdoors, varying income levels, and more.

If you have an Apple Watch and iPhone, you can sign up to be part of future research studies – download the file Research application To learn more.

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