May 19, 2024

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Ariel Elias could have thrown her a beer – but she finally laughed and sipped

Ariel Elias could have thrown her a beer - but she finally laughed and sipped


In 11 years of doing the stand up, it was the worst Ariel Elias had ever faced.

The comedian’s party at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey kicked off October 8 like everyone else, so you never expected to become the subject of a viral video. latest example From the comedy theater that became the scene of a disturbing accident.

Elias spent the majority of her 20-minute group talking about female body image before launching into the pre-planned question-and-answer portion of her group. An ending joke appears on some of the merchandise she sells after the show.

That’s when a woman in the audience, seated at a large table of people attending a raucous birthday party, shouted on stage: “Did you vote for Trump?”

“I wasn’t talking about politics,” she told CNN. “I think I was honestly talking about my period. It felt like she was looking for a fight, and I don’t really think I did anything to trigger it.”

The woman was expelled. Then the man sat next to her Throw a can of beer – Fast – on top of Elias.

In the above video, many of the audience react with shock.

Elias says she didn’t see beer fly out of her head, but heard it loudly behind her.

“I loved hearing her sound on the wall and then felt like my legs were wet, and I was trying to figure out what happened,” she says. “And then I looked down and saw a beer can and put it together and people were pissed that it happened, which was great. So I’m glad the mob mentality didn’t take over me.”

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At this moment, I picked up the can and found that it was still full of beer.

“I remember thinking, ‘Don’t let the adrenaline win. Take a sip. be brave. “When I thought there was still beer, I thought, ‘You know what? I’ve never needed more beer in my life. And I think that’s kind of the only way out of this because I still have five minutes left of my collection.'”

She knows that she has the option to walk away from the stage and that “no one will be angry with me.” But she thought, What about her stickers?

“I sell merchandise after the show, and my best-selling poster is based on a closing joke. I was like, ‘Okay, I have to make the joke if I want people to come and buy the posters then.'”

So it ended.

Later, Elias says, “It was even more terrifying when I got home.” She had to watch the video to realize how hard and fast it was to throw the beer.

“To be honest, I’m not the best at processing my feelings. So I think I’ll probably be crying in six days while watching ‘Man vs. Food,'” she says with a laugh.

Her friends and family were supportive of her; Her parents told her they were proud of her and that her fellow comedians keep checking on her.

“Last night, I did a few places in town and everyone asked, ‘Are you okay? And I think that’s the question I have to ask myself. “Because the answer is, I don’t know yet.”

While Elias has decided not to press charges, the Comedy Club does. And although she doesn’t want to go back to the city where it happened, Elias says she absolutely loves doing stand ups and will continue to do so.

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“Please don’t throw things at me,” she says. “I love standing a lot. It’s my favorite thing in the world. I love to travel and stand in front of people who are different from me.”