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Arnold Schwarzenegger has strange thoughts about retiring Bruce Willis

Arnold Schwarzenegger has strange thoughts about retiring Bruce Willis

When asked about Bruce Willis retiring, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that action stars “never retire.”

Written by Philip Muir | updated

More than a year has passed since then Die hard Superstar Bruce Willis has announced his retirement from the movie industry. The actor, 68, revealed that he had aphasia, which led to the decision to leave Hollywood behind. according to Hollywood ReporterWhen fellow action star Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked about Willis, he said that action stars, in general, never retire.

“I understand that given his health conditions, he had to retire,” Schwarzenegger said. “But in general, you know, we never retire. Action Heroes, Reload”.

While this quote may sound vaguely critical of Bruce Willis’ choice to retire, Arnold Schwarzenegger had nothing but positive things to say about Willis, who appeared in films for 42 years before retiring. Schwarzenegger said Willis has been a huge star for years, and he will always be remembered by someone.

During Willis’ early career, he was known for his comedic roles, appearing on the 1985 mystery comedy TV show moon light and the 1978 slapstick romantic comedy blind date. Die hard Almost instantly turned him into an iconic action hero, which led to him appearing in classics like The last scoutAnd Pulp FictionAnd 12 monkeysAnd Unbreakable. In 2010, the 54-year-old Willis appeared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time. expendable.

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis in 12 monkeys (1995)

Towards the end of Willis’ career, he began appearing in low-budget direct-to-video films that were derided as “Geezer thrillers”—films drawn only by sporadic appearances from an aging celebrity. The films were widely derided, with the famous Golden Raspberry Awards offering the award for “Worst Performance by Bruce Willis” in response. After Willis announced his aphasia diagnosis, The Golden Raspberries canceled the award and apologized to the actor.

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Like Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger began his career with comedic roles, first appearing as Hercules in the comedy fantasy. Hercules in New York. He then appeared in the 1974 TV comedy film Goodbye happy memoryand comedy drama stay hungry. starring role in Conan the Barbarian It was his first major non-comedy role, and it soon led to roles in position or terminatorAnd commandosAnd predatorAnd running guy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger still appears regularly in movies and TV shows even though the 75-year-old actor isn’t as active as he was in his heyday. Recently, he appeared in the Netflix Original Series fubar, he plays a former CIA agent who, unknowingly, discovers that his daughter is a CIA operative. It is also scheduled to appear in Conan legend – Follow up to the original Conan the Barbarian — and will play the president in the 2023 satirical action movie kung fury 2.

Bruce Willis may be out of the spotlight, but we got an update on the retired actor after his ex-wife Demi Moore released a video of his birthday party. In the video, Willis appears to be in good spirits as his wife, daughters and loved ones are seen singing happy birthday to him.