December 8, 2022

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Arsenal – Bodo / Glimt: Europa League – live | European League

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31 minutes This is Eddie Nketia’s opening goal.

Arsenal’s first strike against the Emirates 👊

Tierney’s shot shattered from the woodwork, but Eddie Nkeitia is on hand to score the rebound ⚽️#UEL

Football on BT Sport (btsportfootball) October 6 2022

29 minutes Arsenal are in complete control of this game. Bodo/Glimt kept the ball well but did nothing in the final third.

The corner was heading to Viera Near the right corner of the area. A superb shot to the far post, Houlding lost his mark and planted an excellent header into the bottom corner. Bodo/Glimt thought Holding got his man wrong, but the target holds.

Goal! Arsenal 2-0 Bodo / Glimt (Holding 27)

Big Rob Holding makes it two!

26 minutes Heiken runs off his line to save the ball well from Vieira, who attempted to lift the ball over the goalkeeper from a tight angle.

25 minutes if you stay like this, Arsenal He will move over Bodo/Glimt and have a toy in hand.

Martinelli beat two midfielders And he played a good pass to Tierney on the left side of the area. He fired a superb shot that hit the inside of the far post, and Nketiah reacted cleverly to clear the rebounding ball from 12 yards.

Goal! Arsenal 1-0 Bodo / Glimt (Nketia 23)

Gives Eddie Nkiti Arsenal Leadership!

20 minutes Nketiah, looking bright, slips a dangerously low cross propelled by dive Halkin.

19 minutes Tomiyasu sends a cross right out of play. Arsenal Show some small signs of frustration.

16 minutes Tierney made a breakthrough pass at Xhaka on the left edge of the area, but rammed his cross toward Nketiah.

13 minutes Bodo/Glimt seems very confident in the acquisition, and they certainly had no intention of parking the buses. It’s a good game so far.

9 min: Vieira hits the crossbar! Xhaka sent a good ball down the left to Tierney, who hit a low cross into the middle. The knot extended to clear the ball but could only give the ball to Vieira, who shot the ball down and hit it off the crossbar.

8 minutes A hoof cross passes directly out of play.

6 minutes Berg accidentally stands on the toes of Vieira, who hits the ground in pain. After a bit of treatment, it’s OK to continue.

5 minutes Nikita sprinted forward from the center line, leaving Wittelsen in the stream. Moving to 20 yards from the goal, he passes the ball to his right foot and floats the hairball that drifts away from the far post. Decent.

2 minutes Terni’s high, suspended cross is controlled brilliantly by Vieira off the far post. He opens his body for a low shot kicked by Wimpangomo into the six-yard box.

1 minute Peep peep! Arsenal Starting from left to right.

“It’s good to see Rob Holding again in the starting line-up,” Charles Antioch says: “He’s one of those players Arsenal I’ve come across over the years who seem innocent, fresh-faced almost goofy – you could make an argument too for the younger Theo Walcott and maybe Emmanuel Eboue before it went horribly wrong – but I imagine if you ever dealt with them in anything competitive they would be very pleased I beat you mercilessly.

“Anyway, good luck to him tonight; he’s not responsible for breaking into the first team again, at least not for league games, so that’s probably as good as it gets.”

“Fun fact,” says Alexander Ediassen. “Bodu/Glimit midfielder Hugo Wittelsen is a lifelong Arsenal fan, he was in the UAE when he was 12 years old watching a match.”

I wonder if he would celebrate if he scored.

Hi Rob Peter Oh says. How do you say the name of the Norwegian club? ‘Bodu and O Glimt’? Which version of the home team will appear today? Invincibles / Oh Arsenal? “

Full-time: FC Zurich 1-5 PSV Eindhoven

The other match in this group had an early start, and Eindhoven staged riots in Zurich. They advanced 5-0 after 55 minutes before calming down. This is what group A looks like as a result.

Team news

Mikel Arteta picks the same squad that won 2-1 away to FC Zurich last month. Among them are three players who started to beat Tottenham Hotspur at the weekend: Gabriel, Gabriel Martinelli and Granit Xhaka.

Arsenal (4-1-2-3) Turner. Tomiyasu, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney; Sambi Lukonga; Fabio Vieira, Xhaka; Marquinhos, Nketia, Martinelli.
Substitutes: Ramsdale, Hein, White, Partey, Saka, Odegaard, Jesus, Saliba, Cedric, Nelson, Cirjan, Smith.

Bodo / Glimt (4-1-2-3) Heiken. Sampstead, Moe, Lodd, Wimpangomo; Berg. Wittelsen, Saltnis; Mugisha, Espigord, Pellegrino.
Substitutes: Faye Lund, Siri, Hubraten, Amundsen, Groenbeck, Solbakken, Konradsen, Hagen, Sorle, Zugel, Salvesen.

Rule Osmers damage (Germany)


Hello, good evening and welcome to the live coverage of European League Match between Arsenal and Bodo / Glimt in the Emirates. It’s yet another test/proof of Arsenal’s strength in depth, which look a lot better than when they exploded at the end of last season. And they play for Liverpool on Sunday, so Mikel Arteta has rested eight players from his leading team in the Premier League. The second series was good enough to beat FC Zurich in the opening match, and tonight’s win would put Arsenal top of Group A with a game in hand on two teams.

Bodo/Glimt are useful opponents, as they beat Roma 6-1 in the group stage last season, but all of their recent successes in Europe have been at home. Everyone in the UAE is enjoying a high life right now, and Arsenal He will expect to win – even with a spare side.

Starting 8 pm.

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