May 18, 2024

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Aston Villa – Liverpool: English Premier League – live! | Premier League

Allison made a clever save from Watkins, But Liverpool The danger cannot be erased. In the end, Digne’s cross was headed into the goal by Douglas Luiz at the far post. Alisson made an unconvincing save and Luiz – once from Manchester City – charged the rebound from just a few yards away.

Tsimikas, Matip and Watkins were on the ground when he scored, but I think they tripped over each other. Either way, the goal stands!

Goal! Aston Villa 1-0 Liverpool (Douglas Luiz 3)

Villa take the lead in the third minute!

2 minutes Liverpool started with Mane up front, Jota on the left and Diaz on the right. That’s kind of surprising considering Diaz’s last look on the left.

1 minute Peep peep! Liverpoolin the white far bar, go from right to left.

Players go out. This is a game he must win LiverpoolIdeally a three or four win game.

“Benny’s Thoughts on Harry Kane Tonight” David Wall says: On a different topic, they discussed over the radio whether City had ever signed someone in Haaland’s condition. Does anyone remember when he signed Robinho? Sure, he might have been flattered for cheating him a bit in the past two years, but he was still incredibly outstanding. The big thing was only expected a few years ago. Having said that, I expect Haaland to be very clear about which club he will join, and you would think it would be better than Robinho.”

All points are very fair. You can make a case for Yaya Toure as well, although I think Haaland is more in demand. We should patent a state meter for transmissions like this, and pull our own valid data regardless.

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Pre-match thoughts for Jurgen Klopp, Esq.

🗣️ “We have quality and that’s why we use it”

Jurgen Klopp is looking forward to tonight’s Premier League clash against Aston Villa and explaining his decision to make five changes to his starting lineup.

Sky Sports Premier League (SkySportsPL) May 10, 2022

“My son always tells me To get “six goals and six assists” from Coutinho every season, “no more, no less,” says Gary Naylor. “I didn’t check his balance to pay for 2021-22, but if they all come tonight, I imagine Villa 7-2. (Okay, 2-1). “

“Regarding your response to Peter Oh,” Harriet Osborne begins. “I’m not sure I like the suggestion that a cast member of The Bench is about to get the season finale, or by picking Sean Bean! Although Pegg as Kelleher and Statham as Milner could work.”

I was not specifically talking about Liverpool subs. I was just fantasizing about a movie called The Bench, ideally with a vague voiceover from Alan Ford. (Note: The clip contains language)

“Can I just say I object My potential Guardian monthly financial contribution could potentially be used to fund bogus disagreements between senior managers who clearly respect each other and in no way “accuse” the other of looking for excuses,” says Ian Kopistik. “Why the rhetoric of these stories should be escalated to Levels of no conflict? I don’t accuse you though, Bobby Robster. I, in the language of our time, just say.”

What do you think of this new age of passive-aggressive animosities between managers? Do you love them, Ian? Are you? Are you? I think I preferred the days when Wenger and Ferguson called each other openly.

Anyway, enough Erling Haaland. We are half an hour away from Aston Villa Liverpool, the latest in an endless series of huge matches for Liverpool.

As a city supporter, notthe only thing I have to cling to is Haaland’s injury record this season,” says Brendan Large. “He has missed a few matches and that could limit him to just 40 goals in PL. *fingers crossed*. But as a soccer fan, I’m curious to see if he can turn them into a more winning machine. It’s a scary prospect but it makes me look forward to next season already.”

Likewise here, it would be a great story no matter what. He’ll score millions for sure, but I suspect he will ultimately be judged on the quality of his goals (in this case timing and importance) rather than quantity. Should we call him a flat bully now and be done with it?

“Good luck with this” section

1978-79 v 1987-88 v 2021-22

Haaland will break the mould For BVB players who travel abroad with a great reputation? “The only real success for their players in the future is when they go to Bayern Munich,” says Mel Lynam.

That’s a little harsh on people like Aubameyang and Gundogan, but it’s a very good point nonetheless. Haaland looks like a different beast.

‘Which – which Liverpool The bench is very imposing,” Peter Oh says. “These guys might also wear brass knuckles and hit baseball bats in the palms of their hands while they wait for their turn. I think you’ll have to spell it with a capital B and not just a bench.”

The Bench: starring Jason Statham and Sean Bean, with a surprising turnaround from Simon Pegg.

Who has an alibi for Saturday night?

“I hope it’s Haaland Benteke/Lukaku/Carol’s signature will be more than Toshack’s signature for all of the little Keegan Babe! “But I live in hope and expectation and not as it currently is in Koreatown, Los Angeles.”

I think there is an element of risk, as with all engagements I suppose. We know Haaland will turn 3-0 into 12-0 in the USA Premier League, but all that really matters is whether it’s 5-6sec to 7-6sec in Europe. I suspect he will, but that’s not a sure thing.

“So this will be the last race for the Premier League title For the next five years? Rob Hesnay writes. “I would say that with Manchester City signing Erling Haaland, it doesn’t look good for the team’s competitiveness. Premier League. “

Falk said the same when Manchester United signed Juan Sebastian Veron and Ruud van Nistelrooy in 2001, and when Chelsea bought Ballack and Andrei Shevchenko in 2006. Both teams won the title only once in the next five years. I mean, Haaland could score 50 goals by November, but I’m staying open for now, especially with Jurgen Klopp.

Team news

Steven Gerrard makes two changes from Aston Villa’s win over Burnley on Saturday. Marvelous Nakamba and Philippe Coutinho replace Calum Chambers and Emmy Buendia.

Jurgen Klopp sits on a number of his players ahead of the FA Cup final against Chelsea on Saturday. In all, there are five changes from the 1-1 draw with Spurs at the weekend. Joel Matip, Costas Tsimikas, Naby Keita, Curtis Jones and Diogo Jota come for the heavyweight quintet of Ibrahima Konate, Andy Robertson (who is not among the divers), Thiago Alcantara, Jordan Henderson and Mo Salah.

Aston Villa (4-D-2) Martinez. Cash, Konsa; Mings, Dean; Nakamba. McGinn, Douglas Louise; Coutinho. Watkins, Ings.
Subs: Olsen, Chambers, Crisin, A-Young, Erogpunam, Sanson, Carne Chokwimica, Buendia, Traore.

Liverpool (4-3-3) Alison. Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dyck, Tsimikas; Keita, Fabinho, Jones; Guetta, Mane, Diaz.
Subs: Keeler, Konate, Thiago, Milner, Firmino, Salah, Henderson, Gomez, Origi.

to rule John Moss.


For all joints of the gin. It’s 2022, Liverpool are in a title race – and Steven Gerrard is a pivotal figure. Through a stationary computer game and a managerial gameplay tour, Gerard Aston Villa For his part, Liverpool plays tonight and Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium on the last day of the season. He could help Liverpool win the title, or finish it in the next few hours.

if Liverpool Drop points tonight, it will be all over Twitter. Since they’ve got 41 points from their last 15 league games, it’s stupid money that wins at Villa Park. But there’s no rest for the bad guys: the more successful you are, the more matches accumulate, and this is Liverpool’s 12th game in 39 days since the last international break.

One explanation for their draw with Tottenham on Saturday is that they showed signs of fatigue, mentally rather than physically, although in fact it is too early to jump to that conclusion. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if they Chase Villa outside the garden tonight.

Villa have won their last two games, ending a poor streak of performances, and they have players who could hurt Liverpool: Ole Watkins, Danny Ings and the artist formerly known as The Little Wizard.

Like Gerrard, Philippe Coutinho will experience some mixed emotions tonight.

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