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Beating Gotham Knights cops gives satisfaction, but no experience

Beating Gotham Knights cops gives satisfaction, but no experience

rod "night suite" Grayson sets out to confront some hooligans in Gotham City, and prepares to smooth them out with his wand.

GCPD can still pick up these…sticks, though.
picture: WB Games Montreal

with Gotham Knights Being an open world action RPG where you level up by beating the crap of goons who commit crimes, you’re imagining that everyone’s game is fair. If you knock down that guy or hit that girl, there is an expectation that their bodies will explode in a series of brightly colored experience points. Games have made us think this way, after all. But this is not always the case Gotham Knights. Specifically, cops give you nothing to kick their asses, no matter how fast You mash button.

Gotham Knights is the new superhero game from WB Games Montréal, the team behind it Favorite worship now The Origins of the Batman “Arkm”. Just launched on October 21 for current consoles and PC Medium reviewsThe game puts you in control of the Pat family – Barbara “Batgirl” Gordon, Dick “Nightwing” Grayson, Jason “Red Hood” Todd, and Tim “Robin” Drake – after Patty’s father is murdered. With Batman storming for protection from Gotham’s skies, it’s up to the comers to establish themselves as the new ranger who will watch over the city’s dark and foggy streets. They do this by stopping crimes and slapping criminals night after night, to the point of nausea. And of course, that means regular contact with the Gotham City Police Department.

But as Gotham Knights Reminds you of about 30 minutes, you should avoid the cops at all costs. No, not because I defend the police. No, not because I can’t stand seeing an officer get punched once in a while. The game illustrates its (rather silly) rationale: the cops don’t drop anything when they get hit. One of the game loading screens states that “Defeating GCPD officers does not earn you XP or Salvage”. “Choose your battles carefully.” No experience points, no crafting resources, no blueprints, nothing.

Barbara "bat girl" Gordon speeds through the streets of the Gotham Knights, on her way back to The Belfry.

It’s okay, I can use this practice.
screenshot: WB Games Montreal / Kotaku

So really, you’re just spending energy for no reason at all. I mean, I think incompetent GCPD can make hard punching bags to release some steam or practice some moves, but don’t expect to earn anything for doing either. Having said that, I found during playtime that it was sometimes hard to avoid getting into fights with them, especially when they were also fighting the “bad guys”. Moreover, the game contains moments in which you have to quarrel with the police; You are forced to, but you still won’t get rewarded for doing it. Talk about a semi-sissyphotic dilemma.

That’s not to say it isn’t a good time beating down police every now and then. As we’ve seen lately, as Uvalde’s photoCops aren’t great at their jobs. They would rather check their phones in the midst of a crisis than deal with a crisis. So in the end it’s still good that Gotham Knights It gives us a safe way to get the flogging the cops deserve for their incompetence. Of course, all this in the context of a video game. Express your frustration with real cops at the ballot box.

Gotham Knights It just came out, and WB Games Montréal is already planning additional content. It will launch for free on November 29th, heroic assault It is the first downloadable content that adds a four-player co-op mode that tasks you to climb up a 30-story building, gradually eliminating each floor filled with harder people until you reach the top.

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