May 22, 2024

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Bernard Trainville’s visit: “I’m ashamed of it”

Bernard Trainville’s visit: “I’m ashamed of it”

It is now official that Bernard Trainville will be the candidate in the next provincial elections under the banner of the CAQ.

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“I’m ashamed of it,” said Thomas Mulker. He believes Bernard Trainville’s return to politics with the CAQ is embarrassing given his past connections with the party Quebecois.

Matthew Poke-Code, mr. For his part he confirms that he does not believe that Trainville no longer has sovereign intentions.

“We are well aware that Bernard Trainville is still a separatist. We know he has to hide his freedom when he comes to the CAQ, ”begins Matthew Poke-code.

For Emmanuelle Latraverse, it’s not too strange for a former PQ player to return to CAQ.

“Unlike my colleagues, I can only imagine saying, ‘I am a sovereign, I have been one for the rest of my life, but at some point the Prime Minister calls me, I want to serve, I am on the ship,'” Ms. Latravers said.

He also believes Bernard Trainville defended himself well during his “full body” press conference on Tuesday.

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