May 28, 2024

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Biden was mocked for strolling onto the White House lawn with a dazed look during the Japanese prime minister's ceremony

Biden was mocked for strolling onto the White House lawn with a dazed look during the Japanese prime minister's ceremony


President Biden raised eyebrows Wednesday morning when he appeared confused as he welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to the White House for a state visit.

Biden (81 years old) and Kishida (66 years old) exchanged greetings before shaking hands with members of the American and Japanese delegations on the South Lawn.

The two leaders then took the stage to the national anthems of both countries, before reviewing the US military honor guard.

President Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida walk across the White House lawn. AFP via Getty Images

Before the review, a military aide greeted Biden and Kishida with a salute. The president began to raise his right hand to return the salute, then dropped it while the aide directed the two leaders where they should stand.

Biden appeared to stare with a blank look on his face before putting on his trademark sunglasses and walking across the grass.

During the review, the President's gait was noticeably stiff and his steps appeared hesitant and uncertain.

Eventually, Biden and Kishida returned to the podium and delivered remarks in which the president declared that the relationship between Washington and Tokyo had become “closer, stronger and more effective than at any time in history.”

Biden also thanked Japan for the gift of 3,000 cherry trees more than a century ago that have become an iconic symbol of Washington, D.C., and briefly acknowledged the “devastating” conflict between the allies as part of World War II.

Biden said that instead of being permanent enemies, the United States and Japan made “a much better choice: we have become the closest of friends.”

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After their remarks, the two men walked off the stage, and Biden cut in front of Kishida for a railing to get help.

Biden's troubles were exposed by an RNC Research X account, sparking a wave of responses.

The two leaders are keen to strengthen military and diplomatic relations amid fears of the rise of China. Paul/AFP via Getty Images

“Why does Joe Biden seem so lost and confused? What an embarrassment this guy is,” scolded a conservative X account named Proud Elephant.

“At least he didn't bend over as many times as someone did,” user Jigen Galen quipped, referring to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on a visit to China last year.

“They might as well put a leash on him. It literally should be lead.” [sic] Turn it around so it doesn't get lost. “This is so embarrassing,” another user wrote.

Biden has faced repeated criticism from critics who accused him of appearing dazed and confused during primary proceedings at high-profile events.

The 46th president is the oldest chief executive in US history and will be 86 years old at the conclusion of his second four-year term.

President Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida took turns praising the special relationship between the two countries. AP
Japan is one of the United States' largest allies in the Indo-Pacific region. AFP via Getty Images

His main rival, former President Donald Trump (77 years old), will overtake him as the oldest leader in power if he wins the November 5 election and serves a full second term.

Biden will host a state dinner for Kishida on Wednesday evening, the fifth of the president's term.

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