June 20, 2024

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Biden would give himself the power to close the southern border

Biden would give himself the power to close the southern border

Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday authorizing him to temporarily close the southern border when the number of crossings reaches a certain threshold. The New York Times (Free connection) The paper notes that such a move would suspend protections long afforded to asylum seekers in the United States. That the Democratic president is considering accepting it illustrates the extent to which he believes illegal immigration threatens his reelection.

The idea is not new. Senate negotiators recommended a bipartisan deal last winter to curb illegal immigration. They proposed closing the U.S.-Mexico border when more than 5,000 migrants averaged more than 5,000 a day in a week or 8,500 tried to cross illegally on a given day.

It’s unclear whether Biden would use the same limitations to justify temporarily closing the border. His order is certain to be challenged in court, particularly by immigrant rights groups. Meanwhile, the president plans to sign the order in front of mayors from South Texas.

The Republican response is already known: “Too little, too late. »

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