April 23, 2024

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Biden’s social reform program could have taken a fatal blow

Washington | Joe Biden’s grandiose social reform plan may have taken a fatal blow by announcing on Sunday that he would not approve of this important plan for the term of the US president, Democratic Senator Joe Manch, who considers it too costly in times of crisis.

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Apparently shocked, the White House immediately criticized this “unexplained and abrupt turn”, confirming that it would continue to try to persuade him to vote in favor of the plan.

Elected West Virginia Fox News Channel selected, most critical of President Biden for publishing his announcement.

After several weeks of being a major obstacle to this social and ecological reform program aimed at transforming the United States, Mr. Munchin said.

“I can not vote for it,” he said. Manjin also noted, in particular, the rise in prices and the level of debt. “I can not. I tried everything possible by man and I could not, ”he repeated. “not that”.

Named the “Built Back Better”, the $ 1.750 billion plan includes significant investments in reducing childcare and drug costs, tax breaks for American households, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In November, after the first vote in the House of Representatives, Democrats overcame internal divisions and worried about the consequences of debt, and leftists who wanted to go further on spending were pushed back in the Senate to accept it. .

The Senate is split (50 people will be elected for each camp), and if the Republicans are in close line, any Democrats or affiliates will veto any bill.

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Sen. Mansin’s statements “contradict his discussions with the president this week, his discussions with White House staff and his own public statements,” executive spokeswoman Jen Zaki said in a statement. Frustration emerged in the long press release.

“His comments about Fox and his press releases mark the end of these efforts (the author’s reference to reaching an agreement), and then they mark a sudden and indescribable turn in his position and a breach of his commitment to the presidency,” he said. -He adds.

On Thursday, Mr Biden noted the difficult discussions with Mr Mansin and acknowledged that the draft could not be passed as soon as he wished.

“Do not dare”

The senator explained in a statement why he opposed this “massive” law.

“My fellow Democrats in Washington are committed to fundamentally transforming our community so that it is more vulnerable to the threats we face,” he said. “I can not take this risk because $ 29 trillion in public debt and inflation are real and hurts all Americans.”

Inflation was at an all-time high of 6.8% year-on-year in November 1982.

He said the plan would “reduce the deficit by more than $ 100 billion in ten years” and “reduce costs, create jobs and rebuild our economy.” Says Biden.

On CNN on Sunday, Mr. When asked about Mancin’s statements, Sen. Bernie Sanders, a left-wing Democrat, accused him of “lack of courage.”

Sanders called on the people of West Virginia to explain why “he did not have the courage to stand up against the drug companies to reduce drug prices and why he was not prepared to extend social coverage.” Will be arranged “as soon as possible” in the Senate.

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“It will take several months to last with Mr. Manzin,” he added. “If he does not have the courage to do what is right for the families of West Virginia and the United States, let him vote no to the world.”