July 17, 2024

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Black holes may be hiding a mind-boggling secret about our universe

He said: “We should be able to influence inside one of these black holes by “tickle” its radiation, and thus send a message to the inside of the black hole. In a 2017 interview with Quanta. “It sounds crazy,” he added.

Ahmed Al Muhairi, a physicist at New York University Abu Dhabi, recently noted that by manipulating the radiation that escaped a black hole, he could form a catfish inside that black hole. “I can do something with the particles emitted from the black hole,” he said, “and suddenly a cat will appear in the black hole.”

“We all have to get used to this,” he added.

The metaphysical turmoil reached its peak in 2019. That year, two groups of theorists made detailed calculations showing that the information leaking through wormholes matched the pattern predicted by Dr. Page. One of the research papers was Jeff Bennington, currently at the University of California, Berkeley. The other is by Neta Englehart of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Don Marolph from the University of California, Santa Cruz; Henry Maxfield, now at Stanford University; and Dr. Al Muhairi. The two groups published their papers on the same day.

“So the final moral of the story is, if your theory of gravity includes wormholes, you get the information,” Dr. Bennington said. “If you don’t include wormholes, presumably you won’t get information.”

He added, “Hawking did not include wormholes, and we do include wormholes,”

Not everyone agreed with this theory. Testing it is challenging, since particle accelerators will never be powerful enough to produce black holes in the lab for study, although many groups of experimenters hope to simulate black holes and wormholes in quantum computers.

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And even if this physics turns out to be accurate, Dr. Mermin’s magic has an important limitation: Neither wormhole nor entanglement can transmit a message, let alone a human, faster than the speed of light. Lots of time travel. The strangeness only becomes apparent after the fact, when two scientists compare their observations and discover that they match – a process involving classical physics, which is subject to the speed limits set by Einstein.