July 21, 2024

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Blizzard says Diablo 4 is “not meant to be played forever”

Blizzard says Diablo 4 is “not meant to be played forever”

If you expect to be able to play Diablo 4 Forever you may want to raise those expectations, as Blizzard said, that won’t be the case.

Diablo 4 was obviously designed with replayability in mind, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to make it to the heat death of the universe. As part of a group interview, Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora shared that Nightmare’s dungeons will increase in difficulty even after level 100, but that difficulty will eventually hit a limit (via GamesRadar). The director noted that the game isn’t designed to level your character forever, and once you level up high enough, you’ll be faced with a “top boss encounter,” which should be challenging regardless of your build. .

Diablo 4, Piepiora said, “is not meant to be played forever. So there are creatures that will keep fighting on higher and higher difficulties.” [beyond level 100]but this is the content where you’ll kind of push yourself to see how far you can take your build, rather than trying to get to some endless bonus over time beyond level 100.”

While Blizzard doesn’t specify the point past level 100 that you’ll get your “maximum gear power,” you’ll be able to respect your character until you’re happy with the build you’ve made; Blizzard has indicated that you shouldn’t have to go through that difficult encounter with the boss up to this point.

“At level 100, we have a great boss encounter, and we want players to engage with it, and that was balanced so that it would be an extraordinarily challenging challenge. Players who get to level 100 are going to have a really tough time with that boss showdown. The expectation is that you take your class. , and you understand your intent, and you have solidified everything you can do about it, and you have really learned that you come across it well. And that will be the way you can remove it.”

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Blizzard recently announced that Diablo 4 will be getting another open beta, this time in May, following the popularity of the first two.