April 24, 2024

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Bloodborne Remaster’s fake tweet is sending fans crazy

Bloodborne Remaster's fake tweet is sending fans crazy

Well, to be clear, there is did not I was blood borne remaster ad. Whatever is here she has It was fabricated – and it exploded. Impersonating the popular gaming news account Nibel, someone tricked thousands into believing that Sony had finally fulfilled every FromSoftware fan’s dreams.

Above is a tweet that has jumped a lot of their seats β€” at first glance, it’s very convincing, but of course upon closer examination, it all falls apart. The PS Blog link sends you to a post from 2015, the account name is clearly misspelled. It’s a lewd trick, yes, but more than anything, it proves to be an appetite for Bloodborne’s return.

The RPG is among the best on PS4, and many would argue that it is FromSoftware’s most powerful game to date. However, despite universal acclaim, the mountains fan of art (And the fan games), and countless calls to support the game, Sony did nothing about it. It wasn’t a week that fans didn’t even ask for a PS4 Pro performance patch to fix the infamously choppy frame rate. Lately, those same fans have been clamoring for the game to come to PS5 and PC, with either a full remake or remake. Of course, everything (apparently) falls on deaf ears, as Bloodborne remains the same years later.

While this fake ad is undoubtedly frustrating, it shows that one day the Bloodborne remaster will go down very well. At the time of writing, the tweet had 10.4K likes and a promise, and just digging through the responses and quotes from the tweets, the excitement and anticipation of this elusive project runs through the surface. If anyone from Sony is paying attention, this is surely as good a move as any good idea to bring back Bloodborne.

Would you like to see Bloodborne get the mod it deserves? Would you rather a complete remake at this point, or even a sequel? Dream big in the comments section below.

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