May 28, 2024

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Bruce Willis’ wife has received much-needed support after revealing her aphasia

Bruce Willis’ wife has received much-needed support after revealing her aphasia

Bruce Willis’s wife

I got help I desperately needed…

Once his condition is detected

Bruce WillisA wife says it was a heavy cross to carry before the world learned about his condition… but now, she and her family have all the support they need.

Emma Hemming She recently sat down for a conversation with the Frontotemporal Degeneration Society — and touched on exactly what Bruce is fighting now — and the moderator asked her how she went about publicly going public about her condition. Husband’s diagnosis It affected her and her family.

Check it out… Emma says breaking the news at the time was a huge weight off her shoulders — and she’s now able to breathe again.

Obviously, Emma and the rest of Bruce’s family, including his ex-wife, Demi MooreAnd their daughters – they were carrying a heavy load behind the scenes before they announced that he was suffering from aphasia…which eventually developed into a form of dementia.

As Emma explains here… Revealing this publicly actually opened a lot of doors and ended up allowing her resources she didn’t seem to have before when it came to caring for Bruce.

Obviously, it’s heartbreaking to hear…but it’s also comforting to know about Emma and her teammates. They were able to get the help they needed. Something like that is sensitive, so you could tell them that even revealing the truth was difficult in itself.


Like we told you… As Bruce’s primary caregiver, Emma was completely honest about the procedure and how much it affected her life. She also says that she’s not sure how aware Bruce is of his surroundings these days…which puts the seriousness of this into perspective.

Of course, Bruce is beloved in Hollywood and beyond…so it was hard to see him.

Fortunately, he has the love and support of his family… with Emma leading the charge.

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