July 17, 2024

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Can we save Mars robots from death by dust?

Can we save Mars robots from death by dust?

NASA’s Mars Insight probe died a slow dusty death last week. For months and months, the robot, designed to study tectonic activity on the Red Planet, ran with less and less power as the 25-square-foot (4.2 square meter) solar array gradually disappeared under a thick blanket of dust. On Wednesday (December 21), NASA announced that it had not heard from the probe in days, officially declaring the mission dead.

insightAny I landed in a flat, uninteresting looking Elysium Planitia aquariumSouth MarsThe Equator in November 2018 exceeded the expected mission duration by two years. However, many wondered if anything could be done to save the perfectly intact humanoid robot, which was providing groundbreaking science about The inner life of Mars.