July 18, 2024

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Capcom Showcase 2023: All the news and trailers

Capcom Showcase 2023: All the news and trailers

If the events from Xbox, Ubisoft, and Summer Game Fest over the past few days weren’t enough for you (not to mention the PlayStation show from last month), Capcom also had its own digital show today. It’s already been a strong year for the company, with releases like Street Fighter 6 and the Resident Evil 4 remake. Today’s show had the usual big names from the company – Mega Man, Resident EvilAnd Street FighterAnd monster hunter – but a lot of focus has been on newer properties like The Way of the Goddess, Exoprimal, And pragmata.

If you can’t watch the show live, here are all the major shows, ads, and trailers:

The way of the gods It still looks gross (in a good way)

Things started with a new look Kunitsu-Gami: The Way of the Goddess, which was revealed yesterday at the Xbox Showcase. It’s a dark adventure game with lots of creepy hands, bodily horror monsters, and what looks like some deadly sword fighting. It’s coming to Xbox, PS5, and PC – but it doesn’t have a release date right now.

The apocalyptic near future is overdue

We haven’t seen much about a sci-fi game pragmata Since it was first announced, and it looks like it will be a while before we can actually get it to work. It does not currently have a release date. But hey, at least there’s a brief new teaser. It will come to PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC whenever it launches.

Stealth trick Get a demo

The next new version of the classic spectral detective game Stealth trick Now he has a demo – and you can play it now. The full version launches on June 30th, and your save will carry over from the demo.

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new Ace Attorney group

In other crime-solving news, there’s a new batch of Ace Attorney The titles – which group together 4-6 games from the main series – will be coming to modern consoles sometime next year with a fresh coat of HD paint. Good news for Apollo Justice fans.

Exoprimal Still full of dinosaurs

it’s not Dino crisis A remaster I’ve been dreaming about, but Capcom’s future dino game Exoprimal She still looks surprisingly intense in her latest trailer. The game is coming soon, too: it will hit PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on July 14th.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 It is a much larger supplement

If you haven’t had enough fantasy RPGs in your life, here it is Dragon’s Dogma 2. The show ended with a new trailer for the sequel, which has been coming for a long time, since the first one was released in 2012. In fact, it’s a bit outdated looking: the trailer first appeared in 2012. But it’s still a good opportunity to dig into the game if you missed it. We’ve also had some good news, though it’s been confirmed that the sequel will be a good old-fashioned single-player title. Capcom also says that the new game will be four times the size of the original.