June 20, 2024

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Caps lose again

Caps lose again

Hats lost again. This time it was for the Detroit Red Wings, which suddenly included Jacob Vrana again.

Detroit defender Robert Haag fired a holeshot shot that was assisted by Trevor Van Riemsdyk on its way into the net. Beus Sutter scored a shorthanded goal that made it 2-0 for the Wings, but Tom Wilson’s tip got the Caps on the board at least.

The Caps pressed on early in the third period, but it was Sutter’s second goal of the night that sealed the deal.

Caps lose 3-1. Their fifth straight loss. Waste of your time.

  • ex sweetheart cap, Jacob Vrana He hasn’t played in Detroit since Oct. 15. If you’ll forgive my opening, Frana was forced out of Washington by coach Peter Laviolette, and things went terribly for him in Detroit. He had a major upper body injury and spent some time in the NHL’s Player Assistance Program before having an apparent falling out with his team. I don’t think anyone would have expected him to don the suit again, especially not for the first time against his former team. Check out the tribute video. I thought it was touching.
  • Coincidentally, Vrana’s classmate commerceAnd Anthony ManthaHowever, he suffered an upper body injury in the second half and did not return to the game. I rewatched his last shift and didn’t see what happened to him.
  • When Dylan Larkin checked TJ Oshie’s face in the first period, the Caps got a solid five-minute run. They had some decent looks on offense, but allowed two shorthanded rushes, the latter of which was converted by the Wings forward. Pius Sutter, who I believe is part of this thriving team. For his part, Larkin was kicked out of the game.
  • Before the five-minute main race ended, the Caps got an overtime goal Tom Wilson, who now has two goals in as many matches. I doubt he is 100 percent, but at least he scores when the team needs him.
  • Tuesday night was Law Enforcement Appreciation Night at Capital One Arena.
  • Nick Dodd He returned to work for the first time since January 16. It was nice to see him reunite with Garnet Hathaway, although Lars Eller as the third is an oddity for them. They were on the ice for Hag’s goal, even though that was it Trevor van Riemsdyk.
  • Four regulation wins in the last twenty games. Three total wins in the last ten, two of which came after regulation. The last time they scored more than four goals was on January 5th. They have scored two goals or fewer in 12 of their last twenty. Basically, they are a donkey.
  • In the argument we were discussing what Peter Laviolette would say when the time came to dismiss the responsibility. She frustrates him with “lack of effort” and “too many passengers” but Ian thinks we can see “we need a little more crowding and jumping”. I’d like to know what you think the HCPL would say to cover up a fact so stark that I won’t say it here.

I’m quickly losing the ability to be surprised at how bad caps are doing. Normally when a team is behind on the scoreboard they take more offense, but hats off to the opposite. It feels like they’re giving up. Either that or it’s old and slow. Either that or they’ve messed with their scoring talent over the past few years. Either that or they are destroyed by injury. Either that or their coach An established pattern of depressive offense lose them games. Either that or the feelings are off. Maybe it’s just positive feedback. I don’t know.

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Anyway, Thursday is Dog Night at Capital One Arena! It’s “Pawsented” by Pedigree. I haven’t checked but I think this means you can bring your dog to the game. I say just do it. No need for an extra ticket. Bring your dog and ask to be let in. If your dog falls into a bag, try the trick. Send photos.

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