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Cardiff riots: The boys who died in the Ely accident were close friends

Cardiff riots: The boys who died in the Ely accident were close friends

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Their families said Keris (left) and Harvey were best friends

Families of two teenagers who died in an electric bike crash, which sparked riots in Cardiff, said the couple were good friends.

Harvey Evans, 15, and Keri Sullivan, 16, died Monday night in the city’s Ely area, and after the riots broke out, cars were set on fire.

Harvey’s mom said, “He lived life to the fullest, he had a big heart and he really cared deep down.”

Keres’ family described him as “a handsome, loving, and caring young man”.

In the minutes leading up to the crash, which occurred shortly after 18:00 GMT on Monday, CCTV footage emerged showing a police car following two people on a bicycle.

He denied receiving misinformation when he claimed on Tuesday morning that there had been no police pursuit.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, South Wales Police Deputy Chief Rachel Bacon said the force’s van was on Grand Avenue at the time of the incident, which happened about a mile away on Snowden Street.

The Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC), the police watchdog, said it would independently investigate the incident.

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Harvey (left) and Keres died on Monday evening in the Ely area of ​​Cardiff

Harvey’s family said he was Chris’ “best friend, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family as well.”

“As Harvey’s mom, I want to remember our son as the fun, loving son he was and not as the media now portrays him.”

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The tribute from the Keres family added: “His grandparents, aunts, uncles and many cousins ​​loved him very much.

“He and Harvey, along with Niall, have been best friends since they were little and went everywhere together, and they both had a lot of friends and loved doing a lot of things together, having fun and laughing.”

South Wales Police said they were investigating the circumstances that led to their deaths and the unrest that followed.

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Cars were set on fire and fireworks were thrown at police during the riots that followed the deaths

This saw cars set on fire and fireworks thrown at the police as more than 100 people gathered in the aftermath of the incident.

The force said 15 officers were injured, and 11 required hospital treatment.

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Flowers were placed near the place where the boys died in the accident

After CCTV footage was circulated, South Wales Police said they were “studying” the video and police vehicle tracking data, adding that there were “no police vehicles on Snowden Road” at the time of the accident.

The CCTV footage, analyzed by BBC Verify, is time-stamped to 17:59 on Monday on Frank Road.