May 22, 2024

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CEO says Transmog system 'just doesn't make sense' in Helldivers 2

CEO says Transmog system 'just doesn't make sense' in Helldivers 2

We doubt we were alone in wondering if some sort of transformation system could come to fashion-conscious Helldivers 2 players, but unfortunately, that won't be the case. Johan Bilstedt, CEO of Arrowhead, specifically put this dream to bed, saying emphatically: “We don't convert.”

Transmog, sometimes more appropriately known as Transmogrification, is a mechanic used by some games that allows players to statistically benefit from a certain set of gear or equipment while providing the visual/aesthetic appeal of another. Both Diablo IV and Final Fantasy XIV have robust transportation systems.

Pilestedt responded to a user on Twitter They said they wouldn't implement something similar in Helldivers 2 because it “doesn't make sense. Equipment feels different because it has different effects. Swapping one for the other is like having an apple that tastes like bacon or vice versa.”

We're not sure we necessarily agree or even understand this analogy, but there is undoubtedly room within the current framework to play around with how gear works. What about the ability to swap perks for specific, limited alternatives? There's certainly some wiggle room there.