July 16, 2024

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ChatGPT is down — Latest updates on the major outage at OpenAI

ChatGPT is down — Latest updates on the major outage at OpenAI


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ChatGPT may be back online. The service was noted by Tom’s Guide’s global editor, Mark Spoonauer, that it is investigating the outage.

It suggests a “stable update” on your browser or Mac app.

Down Detector is still getting reports of ChatGPT crashing but we’ve been able to get it working for a bit.

Tom’s Guide’s global editor-in-chief, Mark Spoonauer, discovered something very interesting on X.

As we posted earlier in this live blog, people are now flocking to ChatGPT alternatives. It’s no surprise that #GoogleGemini is trending now on X. I guess one company’s loss is another company’s gain!


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A DownDetector user shares his experience. Although you are able to send a request on ChatGPT, it fails to generate responses. You will get a pulsating black dot instead of proper response.

X (formerly Twitter) users are still discussing ChatGPT crash. While some are legitimately frustrated, others (like the user posted above) are trying to make light of the situation.

However, if you rely on ChatGPT for work, I’m sure you’re going to have a bad Monday. Hopefully this latest outage didn’t cause any serious problems for anyone.

ChatGPT application on iPhone

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How to do a hard reset on ChatGPT

Even when the ChatGPT service is restored, it may still be necessary for you to perform a factory reset for it to work properly. Here’s what you need to know:

On Chrome or Firefox: Press Cmd + Shift + R
In Safari: Press Cmd + Option + R

Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge: Press Ctrl + F5

Portable devices:

Clear the cache manually and reload the page as expected.

ChatGPT is disabled

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Update (4 p.m. ET): ChatGPT is still down. It looked like it was starting to pick up a bit, but the progress seemed to have stalled. the Comments section DownDetector It’s getting a little hot now too.

“How am I going to try to use chat gpt to create stories that violates policy for me if Ai is down,” ThunderChannel 100 wrote.

“I asked chatgpt when chatgpt will be fixed. Still waiting for an answer,” David wrote.

A phone with the ChatGPT logo and a laptop with the OpenAI logo

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What is ChatGPT? For those of you who somehow clicked on this story and are wondering what all the fuss is about, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that can do everything from writing papers to creating images, based on the text that prompts you to enter. Despite launching in 2022, it has gained huge popularity as one of the leading AI systems in the past year, with companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple rushing to integrate AI into their products.

OpenAI down

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Our global editor-in-chief, Mark Spoonauer, is digging into the very simple interface on ChatGPT right now. No date. There are no answers to your queries. You can just sit back and think about what AI can do for you.

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The last time ChatGPT went down, traffic to a number of the best ChatGPT alternatives spiked, and as a result, those services struggled with increased load. Claude of Anthropy and Bewilderment all had their problems. We will also be monitoring them to see if they are affected by the recent ChatGPT outage.

ChatGPT is disabled

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People also took to Threads to complain about the ChatGPT outage. “I think ChatGPT was playing football manager too much,” he wrote. asherwood21.

OpenAI down

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It is not surprising that many have taken to social media to air their complaints.

This tweet is from @Egocrata on X sums up the frustration felt by many ChatGPT users. “ChatGPT would be more useful if the stupid thing wasn’t down half the time. You can’t rely on it at all.”

Comments on DownDetector paint a very bad picture of the recent ChatGPT outage. One user ANA says, “You used confusion better than this garbage.”

ChatGPT was down for about four hours on June 4, until engineers were able to fix the issue, but they noted that some users would have to perform a “hard update” for the service to work again.

While we wait for it to come back – once again – it’s worth reviewing our guide to ChatGPT alternatives – including Claude 3 and MetaAI.

OpenAI case

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Reports of the OpenAI crash appear to have started around 2pm EST, according to DownDetector.

After about 40 minutes, Status update on OpenAI “We are currently investigating the high error rates affecting ChatGPT.”