June 17, 2024

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Cheated for 15 years with a fake model and stole $ 1 million from him

According to various Italian media reports, an Italian volleyball player has been in a relationship with a model named Maya for 15 years.

Contacting Roberto Cassanica on the phone, he started a fake relationship with a woman who pretends to be a super model.

Con artist, actually known as Valeria, continued the maneuver for 15 years.

“I loved that voice, call after the call,” Roberto Cassanica said.

He and the fake model exchanged daily calls, text messages and photos. “Maya” used photos of Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, who took photos of the real model on social media.

The Con artist gave a number of reasons to justify the fact that he and Kassanica had never met in person. She used the pretext that she had serious heart disease.

Eventually, the fraudster started asking the Italian volleyball player for money. It would have paid him 700,000 euros over the years, which is more than a million Canadian dollars.

Relatives of the athlete alerted police and conducted an investigation and found that “Maya” was actually “Valeria”, a woman from the Sardinia area of ​​Italy.

Relatives of the volleyball player have started a fundraising campaign to recover from the severe financial problems he suffered from fraud.

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