July 23, 2024

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Check out our PlayStation 2022 year-end recap if you dare

Check out our PlayStation 2022 year-end recap if you dare

PlayStation Summary is under the button icons.

picture: Sony

If you own a PlayStation 4 or 5, you can view your annual recap starting today. The PlayStation equivalent of the Spotify Wrapped and other year-end summaries of user activity on the platform, the Wrap-Up lets Sony once again shame you for your choices in games as it did in previous years. Simply go for this Link And sign in to your PlayStation account.

This is correct. The company that owns your console data knows you’ve only played three hours of Horizon Forbidden West before you lose yourself Elden ring. You can check stats such as the individual number of hours played per game, the percentage of that as part of your total play time, trophies earned, and the number of PS Plus games you’ve downloaded (if you’re one of those). 45 million subscribers to Sony’s premium gaming service). The latter feels particularly strange. I guess in the midst of falling membership numbers, Sony needed some way to try and remind you that PS Plus is actually worth it.

Of course, this comes with some caveats. You must have played games on your console for at least 10 hours, and you must have agreed to give Sony your data. I don’t remember ever doing anything like this, so it might have been on by default. Haha, that was too sneaky and totally moral for them. At least I can see how much I really got out of my console. (Answer: Not much – I mostly play on my PC or Switch.)

If you’ve ever played any of the PlayStation exclusive games, you’ll also be able to view stats at a community level, such as how many Thunderjaws have been slaughtered in Horizon Forbidden Westor miles traveled Gran Turismo 7or the axes in which it was thrown God of War Ragnarok.

You’ll be able to view your stats through January 13th, and the summary will be continually updated through the end of the year.

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