June 24, 2024

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Chef in rap

Chef in rap

Bob Saget premature death Last month at the age of 65 shocked audiences around the world.

However, the “Full House” band filmed another project before it passed: a rap video.

Saget starred in a music video for rapper Designer New song “Bakin”.

The song features singers Slushii and DJ Whoo Kid and dropped Friday.

The video first opens with Snoop Dogg suggesting that Desiigner, 24, should “make Bob on the job.”

Then Sagit comes on a bonfire and starts cooking bacon, making money and dancing to music alongside adult movie star Kendra Sunderland.

The video, which contains language inappropriate for children, includes a special tribute at the end of the video for the late actor.

Discuss DJ Whoo Kid with the comedian rolling rock.

The producer said, “We needed a chef for the video and I remember thinking, ‘Who would be the chef who could make it weird? ‘, adding that he also inquired if Willie Nelson could be in the video. However, Nelson was unavailable at the time of filming.

The G-Unit Records man added, “Then I immediately thought ‘Bob Saget! Nobody believed me on set when I said he was coming until he actually arrived and rang the bell, like it was an episode of “Full House”. When you have rappers standing by to watch videos, they bring in a Maybach, or rent a Lambo, they brag about it. He parks his Lexus on the lawn and comes in in a dad shape.”

“He kept calling it a rap video; I don’t say ‘rap’ anymore,” Whoo Kid sneered. “You could tell he was old school. He wasn’t even saying ‘twerk’, he was asking if there was a lot of booty shaking. But we didn’t do it for him. I knew he had a wife and everything, I told him everything I wanted him to do.” It’s cooking.”

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Saget starred in Desiigner’s latest music video along with Jay Pharoah and Snoop Dogg.

Former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Jay Pharaoh also shares the video.

The funny guy spoke to the music publisher as well and said, “It’s so funny because this video is a testament to what Bob Saget was on stage. It was the element of dissonance. He would go up there and say it’s all weird, and people don’t expect him to say it. Really. That he was so extreme and that he came from America’s favorite dad, he screwed people up. It’s the same in this video.”

Desiigner added, “Full House,” Nick at Nite, Bob Saget used to rock me to sleep at night, man. It was such a wonderful moment for me when I saw him hit my music. After his death, it was different after he was back with the universe. We want to turn this on to Bob, you could say this is a homecoming party for him.”