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‘Chicago Fire’ Synopsis: Season 10 Finale, Episode 22 – Severide / Stella

Chicago Fire Recap

That sound you hear is the wedding bells finally ringing Chicago fireThe final tenth season. But Severide and Stella didn’t make it down the aisle without some hiccups, and their honeymoon might not have been quiet either.

Let’s start at the beginning: Seyfried was asked to testify before a grand jury against Campbell. When the firefighter showed up to testify, he spotted one of Campbell’s men carrying a knife. The two got into a fight, during which Seyfried kicked him… out the window to his death. Apparently Severide was shaken to kill a man, but everyone assures him that it was in self-defense. After attacking a firefighter in front of witnesses, Campbell has now left Windy City, authorities told Severide. This is good, right? Not so fast…

Meanwhile, Severide and Stella are approaching their wedding day, with old friends Casey and Brett back in town for the weddings. Best Man Casey kind of can’t believe Severide is actually tying the knot. It’s been something Severide has been watching change since Stella came into his life and made him a better man, he told his friend. Seyfried replies that the firehouse hasn’t been the same since he left – and it never will be. When the couple’s wedding venue suddenly becomes unavailable, Casey saves the day by finding a boat and a ship captain who can marry the couple. Seyfried also gets a nice surprise before the wedding moments: a video call from his mother, who was planning to surprise him, but her plane was delayed. She’s now on board with the idea that at least one Severide man is the type to marry.

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Boden walked Stella down the aisle because it was the closest thing she had to a father, she told him. (Sniff!) Then the bride and groom exchange vows. “The simple truth is that you are magic to me. When I’m at my lowest, you lift me up. You never leave my side,” says Stella.

“I decided a long time ago that if I was going to be with you, I needed to be worthy of you, which seemed impossible,” said Seyfried. “You made sure that you really knew me, and by some miracle, you still loved me. Stella, I may never deserve you, but I promise to spend the rest of my life trying.”

However, thankfully, the commitment phobia has finally stopped! Once they reach the Severide cabin for some special time, a mysterious truck appears, and you just know who – which It can’t be good.

Back at the wedding, Brett and Casey (sort of) face their uncertain future. He wishes I’d stayed with him in Portland forever. As Violet pointed out, it’s where he was supposed to be, now a dad battling wildfires. But Brett returned to Chicago for good; Where is her life. “How long can we keep this with so much time away?” Brett wonders, Casey replies, “I don’t know. But we’re together tonight.”

Elsewhere, the war against Emma continues. Hawkins is on his end, so he goes to the top positions and offers to succeed. Meanwhile, Violet tells Emma that she is confused if she does not realize that the 51 people will come after her if she takes Violet’s place. Emma remembers something her father said in the army about it regardless of whether the man next to you liked you or not. When you enter battle, you become a member of the family. However, for that to happen, you really have to stay In the fight that Emma doesn’t do. She sets off during a rescue call, abandoning Violet and a woman in labor while surrounded by flames. Now that the rest of the firefighters have seen Emma who really is, Hawkins has finished heeding her threats and orders Emma to clean out her wardrobe.

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Chicago Fire RecapDuring Emma’s defeat, the fight may have caused some irreparable damage to Violet and Hawkins’ relationship. First, she ignores his call, then trusts Ritter that she wishes he had done more to help. We’re guessing that the tall look between Violet and Gallo also has something to do with her sudden feelings that dating her boss was a mistake.

Finally, in a sweet little moment, Casey gives Gallo his favorite axe. He’s glad Gallo is holding on to the truck because if he can’t be there, he’s glad the 51 is in the hands of his trust. He then tells Gallo that he is now part of the old guard.

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