May 25, 2024

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Chloe Zhao Directs Horror Live-action Movie – Miscellaneous

Chloe Zhao Directs Horror Live-action Movie – Miscellaneous

It’s time to return to the terrifying world of Diablo.

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new live-action trailer for Diablo IV ahead of its June 6 premiere, directed by Academy Award winner Chloé Zhao in “Nomadland.”

The trailer, titled “Saviors Wanted” and co-directed by Kiku Ohe, gives fans their first glimpse of what’s to come in the fourth installment of the RPG series. Zhao’s trailer captures the ominous cinematic essence of Diablo IV, which is plagued by conflict, fear, and utter devastation.

Saviors Wanted shows the world of Dark Sanctuary, a land plagued by terrible monsters and battles waged by the high skies and burning hells. With a captivating story that blends emotion and humanity into the game’s characters, the trailer takes viewers on a journey of destruction at the hands of Lilith, the Blessed Mother bent on taking over the Sanctuary once again.

Throughout the trailer, the characters living within the Sanctuary make chilling pleas directly to the camera, begging audiences for help and agonizing for help from Lilith’s wrath.

“Working with Blizzard, we had an amazing opportunity to bring the dark, exciting, and fantasy world of Diablo IV to life,” said Zhao. “Diablo fans are very passionate, many of whom have been with the game for over two decades. We want to do right by the fans, honoring the game’s rich lore and deep world-building while evoking the powerful emotions players feel while immersed in the game.”

Diablo IV will offer cross-platform gameplay and progression on Windows® PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4, as well as couch co-op on consoles at launch.

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Watch the full trailer below.