May 21, 2024

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Chris Pratt’s voice as Mario in the new movie isn’t terrible, the internet decides

Chris Pratt’s voice as Mario in the new movie isn’t terrible, the internet decides

Chris Pratt

Mario’s voice is totally fine…

Twitter consensus, etc.

Chris Pratt Lots of crap when it was announced that he’s the voice of Mario in the new Super Mario Bros. game. Flick – but now that the product is out… the consensus is, it’s good.

Amateur pundits/critics have been popping up on Twitter the past few days, pondering whether CP did the popular video game character justice in his first animated feature film – and from the looks of it, most people seem to think he’s done a decent job.

Lmao is Mario’s original voice actor

– RHYSISABOMB 🥳32 days until im 18 years old (RHYSISABOMB) April 5, 2023

Specifically, the term that’s constantly thrown around to make it sound… “good.”

like ribbed Put it, Chris is “severely fine” as Mario… and others seem to feel the same. In other words, it’s not a groundbreaking performance… nor does it move the needle in voice acting. But the guy got the job done – and he wasn’t getting distracted.

If you’re wondering what exactly it looks like – which has been mostly preserved – well, you can just check it out…or look up excerpts on Twitter. Either way, you’ll see that Chris used a mixture of accents…mostly honing in on an Italian-American one you might hear in Brooklyn. Throughout the movie, he also slips into classic cartoonish Mario-isms.

Serviceable as Chris may be, the movie itself got pretty awful reviews – some calling it soulless. Meanwhile, others say it’s a hoot… especially for kids.

Of course, all that studio heads care about are those box office numbers… and so far, “SMBM” is off to a great start. It’s already on track to reach $195 million domestically as of Sunday.


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