June 16, 2024

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Collects $400,000 in donations claiming to help a homeless person

Collects $400,000 in donations claiming to help a homeless person

A woman has been sentenced to prison for allegedly donating more than $400,000 from the fundraising site GoFundMe to a homeless man.

Katelyn McClure, 29, of New Jersey, USA, pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery after she allegedly helped homeless Johnny Babbitt Jr.

The whole story of this fundraising campaign is that Katelyn and her husband Mark, who were out of gas on the highway and unable to pay for gas, were being helped by the homeless, and she gave them everything she had.

In return, the couple launched a GoFundMe to pay him back their own coin.

14,000 donors and $367,000 (after fees) later, the fraudsters were unmasked after buying a BMW, Louis Vuitton bags, a trip to New Year’s Eve festivities in Las Vegas, among other things.

Babbitt Jr., whose image was used, said he received $75,000 and is suing the fundraiser for the rest of the money.

Katelyn McClure was sentenced to one year and one day in prison.

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