June 14, 2024

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Comedian Gabriel Iglesias Throws $100,000 Quinceanera to His Dog: ‘Party of the Year’

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias Throws $100,000 Quinceanera to His Dog: 'Party of the Year'

Fluffy dishes outside for his puppy.

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias spoiled his longtime buddy with a quinceanera celebration that cost nearly $100,000 for his dog, Risa, depending on the day.

Iglesias captioned the post on Instagram, “All year party for my little princess.” “Risa gave me so many years of happiness. I just wanted to celebrate it. I even wore pants.”

Iglesias, who passed by Fluffy, Post a video to his social media channels that show him pushing his pampered 4-pound Chihuahua in a decorated buggy when they entered the party together.

“I’ve had dogs since I was a kid and Risa was the only girl I’ve ever had,” Iglesias told the outlet. “Since I got her, from day one, she’s always been in a hoodie. She was so close.”

While Iglesias held a “quinceañera”, usually held for girls around the age of 15, Risa is believed to be closer to the age of 16-17.

Iglesias pushes a cart with his dog Risa riding along in a quinceañera.
Gabriel Iglesias

The comedian invited more than 300 guests to the party while nearly a dozen dogs attended the celebration along with their owners.

Risa’s birthday wasn’t short of entertainment as Iglesias hired a band, a DJ, giant male robot dancers, and… “Christian and Scooby” bi dog man There was also a construction station, and comics artists among others.

The Mr. Iglesias star was inspired to throw a birthday party after seeing someone throw a party for his dog. He saw it as daring to go the extra step.

“There’s no way he loves his dog more than I love mine. Challenge accepted.” Iglesias said.

Iglesias has performed at Dodger Stadium on his own Netflix show.
Iglesias performs at Dodger Stadium on his Netflix show.
Getty Images

There were several outfit changes for Risa throughout the evening as she wore three different custom dresses designed by Iglesias COO Maribel Pineda, as well as a packed menu, according to Today.

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“I’m totally shed and people say, ‘Oh, I wasted money,’ but it’s like, ‘No.'” “I’m celebrating something that means the world to me,” Iglesias said.

Fluffy recently released his latest Netflix special “Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy” where he talks about his adventures with Risa and his other dog Vinny during the 2020 lockdowns including a trip to Starbucks for “puppuccinos”.