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Costco shoppers have beef with an expensive new item at the food court

Costco shoppers have beef with an expensive new item at the food court

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February 25, 2023 | 1:38 p.m

Price-conscious shoppers are popping beef with Costco — and they’re talking about the eye-catching price tag on the discount warehouse’s food court’s newest item.

The $9.99 roast beef sandwich that appeared on the menu at a Costco store in Lynnwood, Wash., last week was a huge departure for the big box retailer making its mark with its cheap $1.50 hot dog and soda combo, $5 whole roast chicken and $9.95 whole roast chicken. 18 inch pepperoni pizza.

“Is it wagyu beef?” Reddit user wats6831 carb.

“It should be for $10.”

Huggie Huggie—a 790-calorie combination of grilled beef strips, grilled cherry tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, and onion relish on a “craft wrap”—has drawn more than 500 incredible reactions at a Costco member Posted a picture of the store’s menu board on Reddit Sunday.

“Only a little more expensive than two whole chickens in the rotisserie,” sniffed one annoyed shopper.

Costco is known for its low prices.
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“Grilled chicken, a slice of pizza and hot dogs with a drink all together is still cheaper than that sandwich.” said another bargain hunter. “Tough pass.”

“I just tried the sandwich,” Another claimed. “It tastes good, but not $10 good… It’s hard to come by when you know you can get a whole pizza.”

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek revealed in December that the large retailer maintained its $1.50 price point for a hot dog and soda despite rising inflation by making its own franks — and by accepting cheap eating as a driver of hunger. shoppers at the door.

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The $9.99 beef dish is setting social media ablaze.
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“Do we make a lot of margin out of it? No,” Jelinek admitted.

Other items sold in store-front food courts at Costco are similarly wallet-friendly. The chain charges $3.99 for a hot turkey and provolone sandwich, $4.99 for a roast beef sandwich and $1.99 for a slice of pizza.

The Lynnwood outlet is located 30 miles from Costco’s headquarters in Issaquah, prompting speculation that the new Nosh is part of a nefarious corporate plan.

The high-roller hooji infuriated shoppers.
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“So when the next new items start coming in at $7 to $8 apiece, it looks like a pretty good deal,” she says. claimed one sarcastic commenter.

“Costco dolls” have become popular on social media in recent months as shoppers seek bargains in an economy grappling with inflation.

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