July 16, 2024

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Critics criticize Jessica Alba’s Netflix movie “Warning”

Critics criticize Jessica Alba’s Netflix movie “Warning”

Jessica Alba’s new movie on Netflix Trigger warning It is blown into pieces Rotten tomatoes Critics.

New to the streaming service Friday, Trigger warning Alba plays Parker, a US Special Forces commando stationed overseas, who makes a surprise trip home when her father is killed.

Parker takes over her family’s bar and meets her ex-boyfriend-turned-sheriff (Mark Webber) and his brother (Jake Weary), the sons of a powerful senator (Anthony Michael Hall).

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Additionally, Parker learns that an evil gang has infiltrated her hometown at the same time, making things difficult as she investigates the circumstances that led to her father’s death.

Rotten tomatoes Critics fire all kinds of shots at me Trigger warning With the film premiering on Netflix Friday, giving it a “rotten” rating of 26% based on 19 reviews. RT Audience score is worse, as viewers gave Trigger warning 16% “Rotten” rating based on 50+ user reviews.

What didn’t critics like about “Trigger Warning”?

within RT Top critics are ripping it off Trigger warning He is IndieWire References David Ehrlich, who remembers Sylvester Stallone Rambo Movies in his review of the Jessica Alba movie.

“She seems very bored in every scene where she’s not slitting the throat of a bad guy, the darling Dark angel “The actress — an able action star who has never lacked for charisma in the past — appears to have mixed Rambo-like stoicism with complete dissociation.”

In his review of the UK telegraph“Despite its title,” wrote Robbie Cullen, ” Trigger warning It’s as inflammatory as a ham and cheese sandwich. There are batches of Minions The franchise is more responsible épater the Bourgeoisie From this thinly spread thriller from the production company behind it John Wick the movies.”

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Meanwhile, Dennis Harvey diverse Gives a “new” rating to Trigger warningstating that it is “brilliant and eventful enough to keep viewers engaged.”

However, referring to the film’s plot, Harvey adds that director Molly Soria “doesn’t show any great inclination to build suspense or direct violent scenes.”

Trigger warning It marks Alba’s first new film in five years. Her last film appearance came in a 2019 crime and mystery film The unknown killers.

Starring Ton Bell and Gabriel Bousso. Trigger warning It streams exclusively on Netflix.

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