June 14, 2024

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“Dead teenage girls = NATO trainers,” according to Russian propagandists

“Dead teenage girls = NATO trainers,” according to Russian propagandists


Ukrainian forces launched attacks in three areas, while Russian forces counterattacked near Kremina and Avdiivka. There have been reports of Ukrainian movements towards Priutyn in the Zaporizhia region – the southernmost point of Ukraine’s offensive thus far. The Ukrainians retained their small foothold near the Antonevsky Bridge across the Dnieper in the Kherson region and may amphibiously attempt to capture the neighboring islands. Russian propaganda announces the success of a pizzeria attack targeting NATO trainers – and the killing of three teenage girls.


Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov told the Financial Times:

· Offensive action so far isPreview ‘much bigger boost to come;

· The Ukrainian army continues to inflict heavy losses on Russian forces “with degradation as a tool and liberation of Ukrainian lands as a goal”;

· Reserves of the main forces of Ukraine, incl Most of the brigades that have recently trained in the West and are equipped with modern NATO tanks and armored vehicles, have not yet been used.;

· Ukrainian forces made “certain gains” that were not announced by the General Staff to avoid shaming the troops; And the,

· The operation will contrast with last year’s defeat of Russian forces in Kiev, the northeastern region of Kharkiv and the southern city of Kherson. “You can’t expect a miracle to happen in every operation.”

Public areas and activity

Russian forces continued intense artillery bombardment and air and armored counter-attacks on Dachi on the left bank of the Dnipro River and near the Antonevsky Bridge in the Kherson region. Ukrainian forces – estimated at the power of secrecy – remain in placeaccording to Deep State and pro-Russian sources.

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Pro-Russian sources said The Ukrainians were conducting amphibious raids In the region of several islands south of Kherson and that “there is no confident control of the gray area in the Islands”.

One leading Ukrainian magazine owner said that “by pushing the Russians off these small islands and residential areas, the Ukrainians can gradually gain full freedom of movement on the river, even without controlling the other bank.” Once Ukrainian forces push the Russians overland, Russian analysts warn The main thing is that the Ukrainians will start looking for a weak point. Given the length of the front line, the likelihood that the Ukrainians will find such a weak point is very high.

Russia has taken some form of responsibility for the missile strike on the Kramatorsk pizzeria that killed 11 people, including three girls. Russian propaganda State TV presenter Olga Skapeva said: “The missiles were targeting NATO trainers, and the target of the strike was achieved.”

Russian forces launched offensive attacks: a) in the Serebansky forest area near Krmina in the Luhansk region, where fighting is widespread and intense, and; b) in Pervomaisk and Mariinka, which, according to pro-Russian sources, did not work out, in the Donetsk region.

Ukrainian Soldiers of the anti-aircraft missile division of the 10th Edelweiss Mountain Attack Brigade shot down a Russian Su-25 ground attack aircraft.

Russian forces conducted two missile strikes, 44 air strikes and 20 strikes using Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS), such as the S-300 system used to strike Kramatorsk.

According to the ISW, Russian sources have speculated that the Wagner Rebellion is already having widespread effects on the Russian command structure. A prominent Russian blogger cited by the ISW has claimed that the Wagner rebellion has led to “widespread purges” among the leadership cadre of the Russian armed forces and that the Russian Ministry of Defense is currently undergoing a “crash test” of loyalty.

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Three people were killed by Russian shelling of the Kherson region, according to the governor of the region.

District A. TO518 / Mokri Yaly River Axis – Border of Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk Regions

Ukrainian units advanced towards BrutynAccording to pro-Russian sources. This would mark the “southernmost” attack site in this area so far. The capture of Priutny would mark a Ukrainian spearhead position between liberated Livadny, five kilometers to the west, liberated Makarivka, about 10 kilometers to the east, and liberated Rivnopil, about five kilometers to the north.

B. Region Western Zaporizhzhia

There has been constant fighting and Ukrainian offensive attacks north of Ropotyn, according to Ukrainian Deep State and pro-Russian sources.

C area. Bakhmut

Ukrainian forces made gains on the road from Sloviansk to Bakhmut, according to Deep State, and gains near Klychevka, according to pro-Russian sources.

Pro-Russian sources reported that Russian forces unsuccessfully counterattacked near Perehivka.